12 Mean Girls Halloween Costumes That Are So Fetch

I am constantly impressed by the things, people, and places that peeps draw inspiration for their Halloween costumes from. I mean, who would have thought there are so many different ways you can be a witch for Halloween? Then you have people taking cool video game characters and making them even cooler with their costumes. And then there are those creative individuals who come up with totally random ideas that are so genius, I have no clue how they ever came up with them.

It can make you feel a lot of pressure to come up with a brilliant Halloween costume of your own, but sometimes the most obscure idea isn’t always the best. Sometimes, the cult classic things are. Take a Mean Girls-inspired costume. It’s guaranteed to be a hit. Just think about it: Have you ever seen anything Mean Girls related that you didn’t like? Exactly.

Gretchen may have tried very hard to make fetch happen, but you don’t have to try very hard to create a grool Mean Girls costume. Whether you want to be a Plastic or you want to be someone who doesn’t wear pink of Wednesdays, it is all good. Take a look at these Mean Girls Halloween costume ideas that are soooooo fetch.

Mean Girls Squad

Grab your burn book and your two BFFs and make this epic squad costume. Halloween may not fall on a Wednesday, but you still have full permission to wear pink.


Plastic Cady

You'll look, like, really pretty if you dress up as Cady for Halloween. If you're a redhead, it is a costume idea that you should take full advantage of.


Regina And Aaron Samuels On Halloween

This costume should earn you extra points considering you're dressing up as Regina on Halloween for Halloween. Get bae involved by having him put on his football jersey to be Aaron Samuels. Remember to make people tell him that his hair looks sexy pushed back.


Regina's Mom

I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom. There are soooo many amazing characters in Mean Girls, but Amy Poehler almost stole the show as Regina's *cool* mom. To recreate the look, throw on a pink tracksuit and don't forget your video camera.



This is evidence that you don't need a lot of time, money, or effort to create a great costume. Throw on a hoodie and some oversized sunglasses and you're Damien during the big school discussion. Don't forget your sign. You can't go around shouting all night that she doesn't even go here...or can you?


Cady In Pink

On Wednesdays, we wear pink! This costume literally requires no effort. Put on a pink polo and you're done. What could be easier than that? There's no complicated makeup involved and there is no sweaty face mask.


Janis Ian

Regina and all of the other Plastics might get a lot of the attention, but we cannot forget about Janis Ian. Janis Ian was an icon in her own right. Make it a fun BFF costume by having your best friend be Damien.


Regina's Boob Cutouts

Regina could make anything look cool and this was one example of that. Take an old white tank top and cut some holes in the boob area. Remember to wear a purple bra underneath. For bonus points, get your friends involved by having them do the same thing to their tanks. Every Queen Bee should have some wannabes.


Karen On Halloween

I'm a mouse, duh! If you're going to dress up as Karen, it is almost a rule that you have to take inspiration from her Halloween ~*costume*~. Put on your black dress and do not forget your mouse ears.


Jingle Bell Rock Regina

You can celebrate Halloween and Christmas with this costume. You probably already have the Santa hat and black boots, so the only thing left to worry about is the dress. Just be prepared that people may expect you to perform a number or two.


Mathlete Cady

You can be a prom queen, mathlete, and Cady all in one look. If your goal is to have a Halloween costume that is actually warm and comfortable, this one is it. The only thing that you could possibly complain about is your awesome school medals around your neck.


Regina George At Prom

Now this is one clever way to repurpose that strapless pink dress you have hanging in your wardrobe. Have a good time at prom, errrr, Halloween, and just be thankful that you didn't get hit by a bus like Regina did.


What Mean Girls Halloween costume is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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