14 DIY Emoji Costumes You Need To Wear This Halloween

Words can be hard. This is something that you already know to be true, probably, if you have ever had to participate in a class discussion, or send a breakup text, or compose an email to a teacher explaining why, exactly, that research paper won’t be turned in tomorrow.

But however difficult using your words can be in the day-to-day, words are probably most difficult on Halloween. Particularly if you are the kind of person who enjoys dressing up in hip, hyper-relevant, concept-heavy costumes that are super cool to a select few people, but require lots of explanation to most–you know, a costume like gluten or a carb or a werewolf bar mitzvah. There’s only so many times one can explain that, like, a sexy Sad Harambe costume  is actually meant to represent the fast, overwhelming backlash that has become routine to many popular memes like Chewbacca mom and Ken Bone, and not an actual endorsement of the sexualized meme-based costume itself, you know?

The solution? Emojis. These can help both when writing a difficult text (feel sad that you’re dumping your boyfriend over text? Just send a frowny face!) and when hoping to tackle Halloween the right way.  So, if you don’t really feel like using your words this Halloween, you’ve got to check out these super simple, super cute emoji costumes that totally speak for themselves:

Emoji Masks

Got a big group? Don't feel like wearing a ton of ostentatious clothes? Just have your whole squad make a cardboard cutout of their favorite emoji. Then, just wear all black and pose with the cutouts over your face for the photos!

Image source:Pinterest

Cat Face

Or, put the cat emoji right on your face. Put on yellow face paint, red lipstick, cat ears, and a cat eye. Top off the look with a pair of heart-shaped glasses, and you're good to go!

Image source:Pinterest

Cat Emoji

You don't *need* to paint your face yellow if you don't want to, however--just paint on some whiskers, a cat nose, and a pair of sunglasses and cat ears.

Image source:Pinterest

All-Out Cat Emoji

You can also just, like, go for it some fully painted-on cat emoji makeup. It's definitely recognizable as the cat, but also weirdly reminiscent of a killer clown, so if you aren't sure if you want to be cute or scary, this could be the look for you.

Image source:Instagram

Emoji Couple

If there's a guy you want to match with, why not go as an emoji couple? You'll wear a pink dress, he'll wear khakis and a blue shirt, and the both of you will pose as though you don't actually have joints all night. A real crowd-pleaser!

Image source:Instagram

Moon Emoji

The moon face is, objectively, the best emoji. So, you might as well pay tribute to it by making it your costume--just paint your face silver, wear all silver if you want to *really* commit, and look off to one side for the whole evening.

Image source:Instagram

Heart Eye Dress

This is so cute! Plus, it's totally easy. All you need to do is pair a yellow tutu with a yellow heart eyes emoji T shirt (if you don't want to buy one, you can just paint a smiley face over an old yellow tee). Then, throw on some sneakers, jump in front of a colored wall, and boom--you've got the perfect Halloween Insta.

Image source:Pinterest

Emoji T Shirt Dress

This is a fun, flexible costume that you can do with your BFF, a whole squad, or just by yourself. You just need a yellow T Shirt dress, which you can decorate in whichever style of emoji you'd like.

Image source:Pinterest/a>

Poop Emoji

Gorgeous. To go as the poop emoji, wear all brown and tape some eyes and a mouth to your front. Top it off (literally) with a little brown hat, and you're all set to be the most popular girl at whatever party you're attending.

Image source:

Emoji Headband

If you don't like makeup at all, why not try this emoji-festooned headband? It's so cute and so, so easy. All you need to do is paint some ping-pong balls yellow, draw whichever face you'd like on them, and glue them to a headband.

Image source:Pinterest

Expressive Emoji Girl

Everyone will recognize every single one of these looks. Plus, it's super easy, since all you need to do to pull it off is wear a pink shirt and hit the poses all night.

Image source:Instagram

Dancing Emojis

A classic! Grab a black leotard, a pair of nude tights, bunny ears, and your BFF.

Image source:Instagram

Sassy Emoji Girl

This is another easy, recognizable costume--just wear a pink dress or top and do the "Sorry, can't help you right now pose," and boom. You're the sassy girl.

Image source:Instagram


Into paper mache? Make some "see no evil, say no evil, hear no evil" monkeys, and call it a costume.

Image source:Instagram


What do you think of these costumes? Are there any that particularly speak to you? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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