10 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Jeans

Face it: Halloween is a lot of work. Just deciding on a costume is hard enough, not to mention actually putting it together. If you don’t want to shell out big bucks for a cliché store-bought costume, assembling your ensemble can take you to multiples stores in the search for the perfect items. Why not save some time (and money) by building a costume around clothes you already own? And while there are lots of options involving black dresses, sweatpants, and overalls, the most comfortable option, by far, has to be your favorite pair of jeans.

You probably have a million pairs of jeans sitting in your closet, some that you wear all the time and others that you never really wear. Why not wear them on Halloween? While it may sound boring, there are actually plenty of really cool costumes that can be created with denim! Jeans are a classic staple for a reason; they’re so versatile for every day wear and for the more special moments in life, like holidays. Or, you know, Halloween costumes. Same thing! Check out these creative costumes made with jeans you already own:

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