18 Killer Halloween Costumes Inspired By Nature That You NEED To See

Whenever Halloween rolls around, my costume options fall into three categories: Fictional character, public figure, or time period. Do I want to be this character from Steven Universe? Do I want to try to be Beyonce? Or should I just dress up like an ’80s goth? I’ve never strewn far away from this formula; it’s fun to be a recognizable part of pop culture for a night. But I’ve got to say, I’m starting to see the appeal of a new category for possible costume ideas: Nature.

Yes, nature, the stuff that’s, like, outside, surrounding us constantly.

Listen, in no way, shape, or form am I much of a nature buff. I’m a city girl through and through, and while I love the occasional hike in the mountains, I’m pretty okay with not seeing stars every night. But OMG, when it comes to cool DIY Halloween costumes, some of the coolest that I’ve seen depicted natural phenomenons like the solar system, clouds, the northern lights, etc. So if you’re stuck as to what to be for Halloween this year, maybe you just need to think outside of the box a bit and take a look at these 18 Halloween costumes inspired by nature. From craft projects to killer makeup, you’ll find something that you can work with.

Which of these nature costumes is your favorite? What other cool nature inspired costumes do you wish you saw more of? Tell us in the comments!

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