19 Amazing Ken Bone Memes That Will Still Make You Laugh

No offense, but I’m still laughing about Ken Bone.

You are, I assume, familiar with Mr. Bone? He is the man who emerged as the one red sweater-clad bright spot during the second presidential debate held on Sunday night (the one where Hillary Clinton tried to outline some of her policies and Donald Trump just kind of, like, loomed over her) in what has otherwise been a decidedly dismal election season. It’s something about the combination of his face (that mustache!), sense of style (that sold-out red sweater!), and, of course, his name (“Bone,” heh, which is perhaps why he has apparently been offered a lucrative pornographic film offer) that makes him…perfect, for lack of a better word, for the internet.

Of course, the amount of adulation that has been thrown Ken Bone’s way does leave a lot of room for some Chewbacca Mom-level backlash. The idea that an “undecided voter” could still exist at this point in the election does make my eyes twitch, as does the fact that Ken Bone was “leaning towards” Donald Trump initially. But for now, the memes are still good and fresh, I am still grateful for any and all distractions from Harambe memes, and Mr. Bone has not yet threatened to grab a single person by their nether regions, which is a low bar, sure, but one that I am unfortunately bound to. So, check out these amazing Ken Bone memes that, tbh, will still make you laugh:

1. Find the lie:


2. Bye:


3. Get you a man who grabs you by the heart:


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4. When Bill Met Ken:


5. Not that he’s not a little threatened:


6. Ken Bone also took some pictures on his disposable camera after the debate. This isn’t a meme, I guess. I just like it:


7. Also, this:


8. This…does not seem implausible? Tom Hanks does love to play American heroes, after all:



9. You open your boyfriend’s phone and you see this text. WWYD?

10. Same:


11. Does it ever drive you crazy/ Just how fast the night changes?


12. I…….hate this:

@mrkennethbone is your one stop shop destination for wool sweaters and Ken bone memes.

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13. Watch out, men:

He Ken Bone my girl. I'd be okay with that.

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14. Important!!!



15. Movie magic:


16. Make this look your own for the low, low price of $2,315.94 USD):

Steal this look and register to vote: link in bio

A photo posted by Jack Wagner (@versace_tamagotchi) on


17. True:


18. Objective Bae:

No guy will ever live up to the expectations I have after Kenneth Bone ?? he's set the bar too damn high

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19. The important question. Protect Ken Bone at all costs:

What do you think of these memes? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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