13 Unique DIY Ghost Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Creepy AF

A ghost is a classic Halloween costume. It is also the go-to look for lazy girls or those who have left their costume planning to the absolute last minute. Take a bed sheet, cut a few holes in it, and you’re a ghost! This spooky little hack just might be the oldest trick in the Halloween book, but that doesn’t mean that all ghost costumes have to be the same ole’ thing. You can actually get pretty creative with your ghost costume if you try hard enough.

We’ve seen the number of unique witch costumes there are, and the same thing applies to DIY ghost costumes. You can take a regular Halloween look and put a deadly spin on it (get it? Deadly? Because ghosts are dead? Hehehehe). Then there are all of the different ghost characters from TV and movies you can channel. You can even get really unique and take your favorite character and turn them into a ghost. Yeah, it’s morbid and a little scary, but why not? It’s Halloween. You’re supposed to be morbid and scary. Oh, and you don’t need a bed sheet for all of these, which means you’ll be in a great costume and you’ll still have something to sleep under. Yippie. Get some ghoulish Halloween inspiration with these 13 DIY ghost Halloween costumes that aren’t boring. 

Ghost Bride

You can always find an old wedding dress at a thrift shop. Pick one up then distress it to look a lot older than it already is. It's up to you whether you want to be a happily married ghost bride or one who got jilted at the altar.


Harry Potter's Moaning Myrtle

Remember that Moaning Myrtle was actually a ghost. To emphasize that fact, go for ghoulish face paint. It's the closest thing you can do to make yourself look transparent. We don't have spells to do that.



Who could forget about Casper, aka the friendliest ghost you know? Make it a group affair by getting your little cousins involved.


Running Ghosts

Think ghosts can't run? This costume proves that certain ones can. Get your squad together to go out and buy white tutus so you can make this a fun group costume.


Ghost Ballroom Dancers

Get creative by going for a specific ghost theme instead of just a general one. These ghost ballroom dancers are a great idea. Just note that people may expect you to dance all night long when you're rocking a look like this.


Ghost Emoji

A ghost emoji is one of the newer ghost costumes, but that doesn't mean it is any less good. If you've been the dancing girl emoji and the winking face emoji for past Halloweens, it's time to try out the ghost. This version of the costume is so simple. Wear white then attach a ghost face to your front. Then try to convince bae to be a Ghostbuster.


Ghost Flapper

Have you been a flapper for Halloween before? Don't throw out that costume. Repurpose it into a ghost flapper costume with a bit of gray makeup.


Faceless Ghost

Forget about the bed sheet. Grab some cheesecloth and black fabric to make this creepy ghost costume. Will you be able to eat candy? No. Will you scare a lot of people? Heck yeah.


Pacman Ghosts

Pacman may get all of the attention, but we cannot forget about the pesky ghosts in this game. This easy DIY costume incorporates all of them. Plus, it has been given a Mrs. Pacman twist.


Ghost Rider

You might say that Ghost Rider is more of a skeleton, but he does have *Ghost* in his name, so he's going into this category.  If you're a beauty girl, you will love this look. Throw on a leather jacket and some chains then try to make it look like you have a flaming skull for a head.


Snapchat Ghost

Love ghosts? Love Snapchat? Then you'll love this Snapchat Ghost costume. Take your regular ghost costume then add a yellow Snapchat ghost cutout. Don't forget your phone. That is an essential part of the look.


Victorian Ghost

There's something about old Victorian ghosts that's extra creepy. Maybe it's to do with the fact that they've been wandering the earth all this time. She has her costume down with the white dress, corset, and boots. The candle stick is also a great accessory. A word of advice? Keep it unlit.


Sexy Ghosts

If you still want to wear a bed sheet as part of your ghost costume, you can try this look. Do your usual bed sheet thing then wear a bikini or some underwear over top of everything. You can guarantee no one else will be wearing this costume.


Have you ever dressed up as a ghost on Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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12 Unique DIY Witch Halloween Costume That Aren’t Lame

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