Quiz: Is Your Relationship Healthy?

Whenever there’s a discussion about dating, there’s almost always one about what is considered a healthy relationship vs what is considered an abusive relationship. It might sound like a silly thing sometimes – because you would totally know if you were in an unhealthy relationship, right? In reality, it can be hard to spot an unhealthy relationship while you’re in one.  You might not realize that certain actions your partner makes, or even you make, can be really bad for both of you. You love this person and want things to work, so you make excuses to explain things that might be sending off a red flag in your head. It’s scary behavior, but also normal. How are you supposed to know if you should be together or not? 


There are a lot of different signs that you’re in a toxic relationship. Some are more obvious than others. For example, it seems pretty clear that something is wrong if physical abuse is involved, while emotional abuse can be hidden much better. Sometimes the signs seem like things you can work on as a couple, while other times they seem pretty hopeless. Whether it’s your partner who is doing the wrong thing or it’s you, it doesn’t matter – something needs to change. If you don’t know if you are your bae are actually in a healthy relationship, take this quiz and find out if you need to work out some issues, or just break up.

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