18 Creative DIY Ways To Dress Like An Alien This Halloween

October is ticking by, and Halloween is getting closer and closer. Have you carved your jack o’ lantern? Purchased your favorite candy? Schedule a haunted house visit? Most importantly: do you know what costume you’re going to wear? If you’re looking for a costume that’s ~out of this world~, why not dress as something that’s literally out of this world? As in, an alien. Alien costumes don’t have to be boring or over-played because there are so many creative and fun ways to make them unique.

Aliens have always been objects of fascination. Whether your perceptions stems from the lovable E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, the scarier versions in Men in Black and Independence Day, or the non-threatening little green creatures commonly used to represent lifeforms in space, everyone has an idea of what an alien could hypothetically look like. The simplest way to dress as a foreign character from outerspace is to cover yourself in green head to toe, but there are plenty of ways to get creative with the costume. Below are just a few truly awesome examples that will make you seriously consider not only wearing one for October 31st, but also looking into that trip to Mars everyone keeps talking about. Okay, maybe it won’t go that far, but you know what we’re saying. Check out these adorable ways to dress like an alien this Halloween:

Which one of these alien costumes is your favorite? What are you dressing as this year? Tell us in the comments!


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