6 Signs You May Be Allergic To Lube

There are lots of things to think about when it comes to sex. I’m not talking about fantasizing about hooking up with Zayn Malik – even though you totally can, and maybe should, do that. I’m talking about leading up to doing the dead with bae. You have to make sure that you have protection, you need to make sure that you actually know how to properly use said protection, you have to consider what happens if that condom breaks, and you have to find a suitable location to get it on. And that’s just the beginning of things. You should also know about the items that can make sex feel better for you – lube, for example, which is much more important than a lot of women realize.

One other thing that you may not consider is making sure you’re not allergic to your lube. You can be allergic to practically anything, and that includes lubricant. On top of that, certain lubricants could irritate your sensitive down there area, leading to an infection or annoying irritation. It’s important to pay attention and be aware of anything irritating down there.

I’m not trying to scare you off sex – or lube. I just want you to be aware of the signs of a lube allergy. In most cases, a lube allergic reaction involves some discomfort, as opposed to something serious. That being said, no one wants an irritated vag when they’re in the middle of sexy things, do they? These are the six signs that you might be allergic to your lube.

You Feel A Burning Sensation Down There

Ahhh, burning. It's definitely not the most pleasant symptom, and it is a good indicator that something is up. Be aware of any burning going on down there including on your labia and inside you. If something is bothering you, resist the urge to apply other products to try and soothe it. That might actually cause more burning. Pay attention to see if it's happening more after using lube.

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You're Itchy

Itching is a common side effect if you have something funky going on down there. We might write it off as a yeast infection or STI, but it's also important not to rule out a lube allergy. If you find that your vag is itchy before, after, or during sex, it might be time to reconsider your lube.

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There Are Some Skin Conditions Happening

It's not just redness that can happen down there. Ehow points out that a lubricant allergy can result in different skin conditions such as dryness, a rash, and even eczema. If you do notice a skin condition, resist the urge to start putting creams on it. Stop using any products and go consult your doctor.

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Your Vag Is Swelling

There are a few different things that can cause your vagina to become swollen during or after sex, and lube is one of them. Pay attention after you use different products to see if you notice increased swelled down there.

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You're Experiencing Redness

It's important to not only consider how your vag feels, but you also need to be paying attention to what it looks like. If the skin down there looks red or even blistery, those are two good indicators that you might be having an allergic reaction to something.

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There's Pain

Don't just write that pain off as the result of some rough sex. That pain down there could actually be from a lube allergy. It probably won't be anything extreme, but make note if you are even experiencing minor discomfort. If it persists, stop using that lube and book an appointment with your doc.

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