11 Creative DIY Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom For Halloween

In case you haven’t noticed, Halloween is our favorite holiday here at Gurl. With Halloween comes a ton of DIYing: costumes, pumpkins, etc. But one thing that can be hard to do when you’re in college or on a strict budget is decorating for Halloween. Whether you are having an awesome party this Halloween and need to have some amazing decorations, or just want to get into a spooky mood, decorating your dorm room (or bedroom) is a really dun way to get into the holiday spirit. Who says you need to own your house or apartment to make things look festive?

Unfortunately most Halloween decorations can cost lots of money that you should really be spending on books (sorry). I mean, I know that having a giant inflatable spooky minion would be super cool, but I’m sure none of us have $129 to spare. So, we have to get a little creative when it comes to decorating for October 31st. But no worries, we are a pretty creative bunch here at Gurl, so I found a ton of cheap ways to decorate your dorm or room for Halloween that won’t spook your bank account (Ha! Get it! I’m funny, I know). Check them out below!

1. Make your own creepy ghost lights.



For an easy way to spook up your room, cover some LED lights with napkins for tiny floating ghosts.


2. Or make some cute candy corn banners.



So cute and easy! All you need is a paper plate and some paint and you’ve got your very own candy corn garland.


3. Mummify your door.



Need a last minute way to spook up your dorm? Cover your door in toilet paper and add some spooky eyes to make a mummy door.


4. Cut out some simple paper bats.



Adding some tiny paper bats around your room can really help achieve the SPOOKY look you’re going for. They’re easy to make and look very impressive.


5. Create a mummy mason jar.



Wrap some toilet paper or gauze around a mason jar or candle and add some googly eyes for an easy five minute Halloween decoration.


6. Make glow-in-the-dark ghost balloons!.



Add some glow sticks into a balloon then draw some creepy faces for some floating ghost decorations!


7. Spookify your photos.



We all have pictures hanging around our rooms or our dorms, right? For a creepy but easy Halloween decoration, add some spooky eyes or fangs to your pictures to make them look haunted. Add some spider webs for an extra spooky effect!


8. Cut some spider webs out of trash bags.



It couldn’t get easier than this! Just cut up a black garbage bag for some spider webs to hang around your room.


9.  Make some creepy glowing eyes.



This looks hard, but it’s actually a super easy way to get some spooky decor in your room, plus it involves recycling. Just cut some eyes in empty toilet paper rolls and tape in some glow sticks. Hide them under your bed to scare your roommates if you’re feeling pranky.


10. Stick some fake spiders on your door or wall.



Spiders freak me out A LOT, but this is a good way to scare some people this Halloween. You can get fake plastic spiders from any craft store for less than 2 dollars, which makes this a perfect last-minute decorating on the cheap.


11. Paint some tiny rocks into monsters.



This is probably the easiest DIY decorating you could do. Just paint some rocks and add some eyes for tiny cute little monsters!

Which one of these DIY decorations are you going to try? Tell us in the comments!

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