17 Donald Trump Debate Memes That Will Be The Scariest Part Of Your Halloween

If you happen to be one of the many people who watched the second presidential debate last night, I think you will agree that it was a fun, carefree, joyous romp for all.

Just kidding! In many ways, this debate was even more exhausting and irritating than the first one. This is due in large part to its town hall-style format that allowed “undecided voters” (who still exist, apparently) to ask questions of both candidates, as well as the unsavory (though not necessarily surprising) news that was revealed about Donald Trump just a few days prior, which I don’t care to write down, but you can read about here.

There were bright spots, of course. Kenneth Bone, for example. Sometimes, it looked like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were about to break into a duet. Personally, I was just thrilled that the Trump estate let my favorite member of the Trump family, Tiffany Trump, out of the basement for the night, as she looked fantastic and successfully curved her dad’s advances. Also, Trump, for whatever reason, decided that his only debate technique for the night was to, like, hover behind Clinton while she was talking. Like this:

Of course, this isn’t really a “bright spot.” Any girl who’s ever been approached by a creepy guy who, for whatever reason, just won’t go away even after you tell him “no” knows exactly how unsettling it can feel to have someone straight-up looming behind you. A body language expert actually weighed in on Trump’s lurking and called it “playground bully” behavior, which is not great in any context, but is especially discomfiting when used to describe someone who has basically admitted to sexually assaulting women. There are some good memes, however, that point out exactly how scary it is. So, check out these memes of Donald Trump looming over Hillary Clinton that, undoubtedly, are going to be the most terrifying part of your Halloween:

1. So ominous:




3. This gif is so…




5. Yup:


6. An uncanny copmparison, tbh:


7. Hillary is a strong woman:


8. Here’s a lighter version!




10. Makes you think:


11. Very apt:


12. Gorgeous:


13. Here is the only pun I will ever enjoy!


14. I mean?? Find the lie??


15. The horror movie comparisons are just…too easy:


16. I mean–the tributes just write themselves:


17. Welp, here’s a clown sighting. In that light, I’m out. Remember to vote, guys:

What do you think of these memes? Which one was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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