7 Little Things Every Single Girl Needs To Do To Enjoy Being Single

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but there is a lot of writing on the internet. The majority of it–other than, like, the clown-spotting coverage-of course, is about being single. There are the memes, the speculation as to why one might be single, exactly, and the excuses for being single. People love to talk about single! And other people love to give advice about being single. 

This is cool! It is clearly good and relatable content that resonates with many people who are–or at some point will be–single. But while there is a lot of coverage on things that are wrong with being single, ways to stop being single, and things to do when you’re single, there isn’t quite as much on how to just straight-up love being single. Most of the advice articles, while well-intentioned, sort of make it seem like your primary job when single is to look for ways to not be single anymore. And yeah, relationships are important, but being on your own isn’t so bad – as long as you have the right attitude about it. That sounds corny, but it’s true! So, check out these things every single girl needs to do to enjoy being single:

Flirt With Some Randos

Okay, so my use of "randos" might be hyperbolic here. Don't feel pressured to flirt with anyone you wouldn't feel comfortable walking by in the street, let alone exchanging some witty, subtly-sexualized banter with. But flirting is fun, and being single is a good time to practice (for lack of a better word) your skills of charm and seduction (again: for lack of a better word) on other people. Plus, you don't *have* to want to date them to flirt--you just have to want to have fun with them in this moment.

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Spend QT With Your Friends 

You shouldn't be ignoring your friends whether you're dating someone or not, obviously. But if you've ever been in a relationship before, you'll know that a relationship, plus all of your other responsibilities--school, work, whatever--tends to drain time away from time you might usually be spending with your friends. So, take advantage of being single by having some girl time. Host sleepovers, after-school hangouts, coffee dates--in doing so, you'll find that being single is super fun.

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Be A Wing Woman

Playing Cupid is fun! If you know your friend has a crush on someone, and you think you have the power to link them up, do it. Or, if you go out with some friends, help them get with the people they want to. Ask them first, obviously--it is very rude to tell someone that your friend likes them without said friend's explicit consent--but this is fun and rewarding. You'll feel like Cher Horowitz in her "doing good" montage in Clueless!

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Spend Time With Yourself

I would not blame you for thinking that this is sort of a lame half-piece of advice. Like, when are you not spending time with yourself, technically? But just as relationships can limit the time you spend with your friends, they can also limit the amount of time that you get to spend alone. So, capitalize on the time you can be by yourself--don't isolate yourself, obviously, but see what it's like going to coffee shops, concerts, and other things solo.

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If you're in college (or are over eighteen and have the means to travel) you should also consider doing a study abroad program. It sounds corny, but putting yourself in a totally new environment really does help you learn things about yourself that you might not have been able to realize otherwise. Plus, most people say that it's best to be single when you study abroad, since you have more freedom to do things on your own and you don't have to deal with the strain of a long distance relationship.

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Do Stuff That's Just For You

Again: This is corny. But it's valid! Relationships mean compromise on lots of fronts--movies, TV, food, etc. If the levels of compromise are more or less equal, this shouldn't be an issue, but one of the perks of being single is knowing that you are allowed to be as selfish as you want. So, watch the TV shows that your ex hated but you love, post selfies in the dog face filter just because you like it, and/or spend all day in bed reading old mystery novels, if it pleases you. Do things that you wouldn't necessarily do if you were in a relationship, basically. It's about you! It's fun!

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Keep A Journal

I am big into journal-keeping, personally, and think it's important to have one going at all times. It's especially great to have one when you're single--it can really help with introspection, and it's also helpful to look back on when you're in a relationship to see how your circumstances have changed, if you have changed, and if you're happy with the way things have changed.

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What do you think of these things? Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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