14 Relationship Goals Couples That Are Actually Cute

Relationship goals–the kind that presents a pair of conventionally hot, physically fit, usually heterosexual people as a relationship model that you should try to emulate for no reason other than that they are hot–are bad. This is an opinion that, on many occasions, I have presented as a fact because my sometimes over-critical and circular line of reasoning has led me to believe, personally, that wanting your relationship to be like the ones you see on social media is a terrible concept.

But you know what? Sometimes it is best not to think about things so hard. I am not telling you to stop thinking critically here–always use your skills of deductive reasoning!–and I am also not saying that relationships are ever anything that should be held to the standard of, like, a two-dimensional, blandly attractive couple wearing matching sweatpants and personalized Calvin Klein underwear. But it can be nice to sit back and just enjoy the very specific aesthetic that relationship goals couples set forth. Not in the sense that I am about to abandon all of my previously-vocalized morals and buy some giant teddy bears and mark my territory in my boyfriend’s Instagram by writing a special message in his bio, of course, but, like, fine. Whatever. I have probably (definitely) enjoyed the odd relationship goals photo here and there. So, check out these couples–ones that are commonly designated as “goals”–that, by many standards, are actually cute:

1. I mean:


2. Old couples are, objectively, always goals:



3. As are Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. On an aesthetic level, obviously:

what's up chicken butt

A video posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on


4. Obviously, if we’re talking about aesthetic, we have to also talk about Kim and Kanye:



5. Also, Gigi and Zayn, the couple I choose to keep up with on Yolanda Hadid’s Instagram:


6. Get you a man who literally only follows you and his fan accounts on Instagram:


7. And only likes your tweets:


8. Plaid!



9. #Goals:



10. Love a good mountain range photo:



11. I don’t know this couple. But I like them!


12. Basically, any couple can be relationship goals:


13. Still single? It’s fine. This can still be your ultimate #RelationshipGoals:



14. And, naturally, this:


What do you think of these couples? Are they actually goals to you? Let us know in the comments!

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