20 Creative DIY TV Show Couple Costumes For You And Bae

Finding a unique couples costume for Halloween is sometimes more difficult than it needs to be. There are tons of couples out there who are worthy of imitation on All Hallow’s Eve, but for some reason, people keep going for options that have been done a million times before. Sometimes you don’t care how many times a costume has been done – I dressed up as a cat two years ago, so I have no right to judge anyone – but sometimes you want something more offbeat. If you’re also looking for a cool and relevant pop culture reference, turn to TV show couples. There are tons of them, and they’re generally pretty easy to copy.

Whether you want to go for an old-school favorite or something more new and ~hip~ (sorry), there’s an option here you’ll love. You can choose to dress as a cartoon couple, or as regular people who wear pretty regular clothing. You can go for a couple that was actually a romantic couple on the show, or just a pair of people who aren’t the same without each other (think Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad). The more creative, the better! If you’re feeling stumped, we’ve put together some truly awesome ideas. Check out these creative DIY TV show couples costumes, and make Halloween a night you and bae will always remember:

Which one of these TV show couples costumes are you going to try? What did we forget to add? Tell me in the comments.

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