16 Easy 5 Minute Meals That You Can Make In Your Dorm

I hate the term foodie because it’s coupled with this icky sort of pretentiousness that I try to avoid. But–sort of like admitting that you’re a hipster (if people still even do that in 2016)–I’m going to be real: I’m probably sort of kind of a foodie. Yes, okay, I’m a foodie. I’m picky about ingredients, check Yelp before stepping foot into most restaurants, get a weird sense of satisfaction when I know about a good hole in the wall taco joint before everyone else, and I legit feel guilty after eating McDonalds. On top of all of that, I love to cook. Ever since I was a teenager, I took over the cooking in my family, and that love for sweating over an open stove range didn’t stop in college. Unfortunately, in my freshman year, my dorm didn’t have a kitchen. I gorged myself on heavy meals from the cafeteria instead. Even in my later years of college when I did have a kitchen, I never cooked as much as I wanted to. Grocery shopping was pricy, I was often too tired after classes to cook, and with so many good take out places nearby, it was hard to get myself to prepare meals everyday.

But I realized that my main problem was that I got a little too ambitious a little too often when it came to food I wanted to prepare in my little dorm kitchen. Instead, of trying to always make meatballs from scratch, or pan fried fish, I should have considered making one of these 16 easy five minute dorm-friendly meals instead. Not only would this have saved me time, it would have saved me money too…because ordering Greek food at 9:30 PM every other night isn’t so smart when you’re a broke college student. Trust me.

1. “Dressed Up” Ramen

dressed up ramen Urban Outfitters blog

Ramen can be more than just adding hot water to a cup of noodles with weird sodium chicken flavored powder, dude. You can keep the noodles, but spruce things up with some fresh veggies or even some tofu. This will encourage you to stock up your mini fridge.

Check out the recipe here.


2. Brownie In A Mug

brownie in a mug simply recipies

Yes, it’s important to be healthy in college, but of all of the indulgences to go in on during such an, er, hedonistic time in your life…a microwave brownie is probably the safest.

Check out the recipe here.


3. Cinnamon Apple Banana Oatmeal

cinammon apple and banana oatmeal

You can go down the yogurt and granola route, or just microwave some pre-flavored oatmeal. But I promise you, adding some fresh or frozen fruit and some spices will change your life. You’ll love this recipe on a cold morning.

Check out the recipe here.


4. Couscous Salad

couscous salad in a mug

Couscous rules because it is so damn easy to make. You seriously just add boiling water, cover, and wait. Throw in some veg and you have a super quick meal.

Check out the recipe here.


5. English Muffin Pizzas

english muffin pizza microwave

Yes, it’s super enticing to just order in pizza, but I guarantee that these little english muffin pizzas you can make in the microwave are a lot healthier.

Check out the recipe here.


6. Mac And Cheese In A Mug

instant mac and cheese in a mug

I’m a mac and cheese snob (I make it from scratch a few times a year), but even I can admit that this mac and cheese in a mug looks really good. Definitely skip the powdered stuff with this version when you can. And add veggies for extra vitamins.

Check out the recipe here.


7. Blueberry Muffin In A Mug

microwave blueberry muffin

This is way cheaper than picking up a blueberry muffin at Starbucks every morning, trust. And honestly, when you consider how long the line is, it’ll be even faster too!

Check out the recipe here.


8. Mason Jar Salad

healthy quick salad dorm college

This recipe includes a homemade salad dressing, which might take you a while to prep if you’re not used to them. Honestly, if you’re super lazy, just buy a salad dressing that you like and have some veggies pre-chooped whenever you want.

Check out the recipe here.


9. Microwave Nachos

microwave nachos tablespoon

This was one of my microwaved meal staples when I was in college. It’s so easy, you just throw in some cheese and some tortilla chips in the oven. Make it a little less unhealthy by adding fresh salsa and veg.

Check out the recipe here


10. Omelette In A Mug

omelette in a mug

I know, the idea of making eggs in the microwave might squick you out a bit. But in under ten minutes, you can make a really good ommlette without a single frying pan. You can even just use the egg mixture to spread on bread or fill in a tortilla.

Check out the recipe here.


11. (Almost) Instant Soup

almost instant noodles

Attention: Ramen isn’t the only quick cooking noodle out there. Vermicelli noodles also cook up super quickly, and they’ll add some variety to your dorm meals. Just add hot water, veg, and seasoning.

Check out the recipe here.


12. Tuna Salad

greek tuna salad

Tuna salad is super underestimated. You can make a big batch and throw it into anything from whole wheat pita bread to a salad. A batch will last a few days too! This recipe is for a greek style tuna salad, but you can honestly be really creative with tuna and mix in whatever you want.

Check out the recipe here.


13. Fried Rice In A Mug

egg fried rice in a mugg healthynibblesandbits

You’re going to want to give your typical Chinese food spot a break once you discover how easy it is to make fried rice in the comfort of your dorm.

Check out the recipe here.


14. French Toast In A Mug

french toast in a cup

UM. YES. FRENCH TOAST. IN A MUG. Will it be as good as your favorite brunch spot? I mean, probably not. But in a pinch, this is a really nice alternative.

Check out the recipe here.


15. Microwaved Salmon

microwave salmon savorysweetlife

If you love seafood, you could always opt for the canned version if cooking it on a stove or in an oven isn’t an option in your dorm. But surprise surprise, you can actually cook salmon in your microwave. Crazy, I know, but people swear by it. Give it a try when you’re feeling luxurious AF.

Check out the recipe here.

Which of these recipes do you actually see yourself trying? Tell us in the comments!

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