14 DIY Halloween Costumes That You Can Also Wear To School

As I am sure you are already aware, Halloween falls on a Monday this year. This is a bad thing if you are the kind of person who likes to spend their Halloween sleeping all day and surfacing at night to spend the rest of it on the town, creeping around and being spooky. It is a good thing, however, if you’re the type of person who thinks that Halloween costumes are best utilized in an environment where everyone will see it. You know, like school. No, you don’t have to be an elementary school student to dress up for class. You can definitely do that at any age, because Halloween is awesome.

There is a certain, ahem, delicacy to picking a school-appropriate Halloween costume, however. You can’t wear, like, full-fledged zipper-skeleton makeup (it is “distracting,” apparently), nor can you wear your trendy nod to current vernacular that is a f*ckboy costume, because, apparently, that goes against “every single school dress code rule that there is” (I assume). Still, though, there are a ton of super-distinctive, totally cool costumes that you can wear to school without feeling like you’re doing too much. So, check out these super cute DIY Halloween costumes that you can totally transition between school and…not school:

Breakfast At Tiffany's

If you don't mind getting a little more dressed up, try this iconic Audrey Hepburn look--all you need to do is put on a black dress, heels, twist your hair into a bun, and throw on some pearls.

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Blair And Serena

If you've got a plaid skirt and a white button-down, you and your BFF can go as Blair and Serena. This is a perfect costume for school since it's not *that* different from what you might wear to school, but still totally recognizable.

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I mean, duh. Hermione is another perfect school costume--all it takes is a a gray skirt, sweater, and a Gryffindor scarf if you've got it.

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Penny Proud From The Proud Family

I'm kind of obsessed with this Penny Proud costume? It's so cute, so on-point and, as you can see, totally at home in school.

Image source:Pinterest

Leslie Knope From Parks And Recreaction

You can totally make a Leslie Knope costume out of things you already have in your closet--all you need is a whimsical dress, sensible blazer or cardigan, and a vast, unbridled enthusiasm for life.

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Liz Lemon From 30 Rock

Or, you can take an easier approach and go as Liz Lemon. Just grab a plaid shirt, jeans and blazer--and, obviously, your Sabor del Soledad cheese snacks.

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Janis And Damian From Mean Girls

Go as the best characters from the best movie with these brilliant Janis and Damian costumes. Your teachers might make you take off your hood, but if you snap a picture soon enough, it'll be worth it.

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Minions are so controversial! But if you're into 'em, it's a really easy costume to do with your friends. All you need is a yellow shirt, denim shorts (or overalls), and suspenders. You can then make your own goggles, or get some beanies.

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Janelle Monae

I love this Janelle Monae look--it's super cute, totally school appropriate, and easy to throw together. All you need is black pants, a black blazer, and white ruffled top.

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Moonrise Kingdom Kids

This is so cute! All you need, really, is a pink dress, binoculars, and a beret. Bonus points if you get a guy in a Boy Scout costume to follow you around all night.

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Rosie The Riveter

I love this! All you need to do is tie your hair up in a bandana, put on red lipstick, and a shirt that ties around the waist.

Image source:Pinterest You *can* carry a "we can do it" sign, too, but it's recognizable enough on its own so that you don't have to.

Dressed-Down Disney Princess

If you want to go as a Disney princess but don't want to look, like, totally extra in an authentic Disney-brand costume, all you have to do is tone it down a little. Just wear the same colors in regular clothes, like this Snow White costume.

Image source:Pinterest

Spinelli From Recess

Serve up a perfect dose of nostalgia with this awesome Spinelli costume. People will definitely recognize it, but it's just obscure enough that not a ton of other people will be wearing it.

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Wednesday Addams

This is a Halloween classic that totally works for school, too. You don't need to go crazy with the makeup, but if you braid your hair and wear a black dress, tie, and white collared shirt, you'll totally look the part.

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What do you think of these costumes? Would you wear any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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