11 Boob-Themed Halloween Costumes That Are Actually Real

You never know what you’re going to see on Halloween. Yeah, we all expect to see a few witches, vampires, and ghosts, some zombies, a lot of girls dressed as cats, and plenty of offensive costumes. But beyond that, we could see everything from a costume inspired by the early ’00s to something so terrifying that we don’t even know how to describe it. You might also be surprised to see some boob-themed Halloween costumes. Yes, boobs! And they aren’t always… great.

“Adult” Halloween costumes are popular things at Halloween parties. Just take a look at the number of penis-themed costumes that people are actually purchasing. Boob-themed Halloween costumes are another popular theme. Dudes love coming up with their own ~*creative*~ take on the idea, but couples and girls are also getting in on things, too. From kind of pervy to funny to more on the subtle side, there are actually a wide variety of breast-themed costumes. Take a look at boob-themed Halloween costumes that people have come up with. Then try and lie to yourself that you don’t want to maybe copy one.

Google Group

Do you get it? A Google costume is pretty original in theory, but the way this one is, erm, presented takes the uniqueness up a few extra notches. If you and your squad are lacking in the chest area, you can always pump things up with some padding.


Time Magazine Cover

OMG. Remember that infamous Time magazine cover? Well, now you can create a costume out of it. Just keep the costume PG like they did here and use a fake breast, okay? If you tried anything else, it would just be very, very uncomfortable for all, unless you are a mom who is nursing her actual baby.


California Girls Katy Perry

Katy Perry's costumes are always imaginative. She turns herself into everything from a piece of candy to a playing card. Normally, the costumes involve some sort of unique emphasis on the chest. In this case, it was cupcakes for her California Girls look. My advice? Ditch the actual cupcakes and go for shower loofahs instead, like this DIY costume has.


Boob Belly

This is so simple, but so clever. It's something that you could still rock if you aren't pregnant. You would just be more an A cup instead of a C. You could also boost your, ummm, breast belly with some padding for a more defined look.


Austin Powers Fembot

Oh, behave! This Fembot costume has the surprise smoking jubilees out. It's actually very easy to recreate yourself. Just find some pink lingerie and fashion the jubilee points out of a bit of silver tube. You can also easily turn it into a couple's costume if you know someone who wants to be Austin Powers.  


Mean Girls' Regina George

You might have already done a Mean Girls Halloween costume, but it probably didn't involve Regina George's classic holey tank top. Forget about your pink for just this one time and rock a tank top with two holes cut out in the chest. Remember to wear your purple bra underneath.  


Pair Of Breasts

How's this for a unique couple Halloween costumes? Grab some white T-shirts and some large exercise balls. Then you and bae can get to work DIYing a bra out of red fabric.


Free Mammograms

Is it a bit creepy? Yah. Is it is a unique idea? Sure. Is anyone actually going to fall for it? Nope. Who else would have thought about designing something like this with a bit of cardboard, scissors, and silver paint?


Three Boobs

Remember the woman who supposedly had three boobs? Well, you can create a costume based off of her. Just slap three fake boobs onto your chest. If you want to take a simpler root, just add one fake breast between your real ones. The only thing you'll have left to worry about is coming up with a suitable top.


Old Hooters Girl

There is usually someone who dresses up like a Hooters Girl for Halloween. This costume put a more original spin on the look by going for a more mature employee. It's the most complimentary costume, but it does earn points for creativity.


Snowman Boobs  

Call these white boobs what you want, they're the more adult version of the boobs-in-a-bra-costume. Feel free to experiment with different T-shirt colors. Flesh-toned ones will give you a more realistic look, but blue or green can give you more of an alien vibe. As for the nipples, try using baby bottle tops. Really.


What boob-themed Halloween costumes have you seen? Let us know in the comments!

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