20 Of The Best Clown Sighting Memes You Need To See Right Now

Embarrassing but true: the United States is having, uh, a clown problem.

Also embarrassing but true: this clown problem might not even be technically real. Of course, if you’ve been on any form of social media recently, you’re surely aware that, over the past few months, clowns have (allegedly) been spotted in certain cities across the U.S. (allegedly) trying to lure children into the woods. But, according to Time, most of the clowns aren’t totally real–most of them are copycats trying to capitalize on the fame (?) that the other fake clowns have gotten.

It’s confusing, but, basically, it’s a bad time to be in clown college! It is hard to discern, exactly, where the real clowns end and the hoaxes begin (if there ever even were any real clowns in the first place), but I have already decided that I am going to personally sue every single person who has decided to dress as a clown just, like, for fun because that is objectively whack and not cool at all. The one good thing about this nationwide clown panic?As with most forms of mass hysteria, it’s the memes. So, check out these clown memes that, for better or for worse, will make you laugh a lot:

1. I mean…find the lie:


2. Pretty much:




4. Another good response, IMO:


5. Heh:


6. …stop:


7. I…hate this. But it’s fine:


8. Clowns? More like, American politics, amirite?


A photo posted by Louis Anderson ?? (@thehornynun) on


9. Heyyo:






11. Watch this whole thing, please:


12. The only proper reaction, TBH:


13. This is good, too:




15. Essentially:


16. It’s a good excuse not to go to class, at least?


17. Although your classmates would like you to know that they are on it:


18. Rare photo of someone in the exact moment a clown was spotted:


19. Can’t say I disagree with this:


20. Anyway. Just, uh, stay safe, guys:

What do you think of these memes? What would you do if you saw a clown? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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