8 Apps Every College Student Needs To Survive

The apps everyone uses the most are probably for fun: social media, games, photo editing, music streaming, etc. Having an app that helps you with school probably feels like you’re just taking up valuable storage space. You’re going to regret that way of thinking come time for finals, though, because there are some apps out there that are seriously helpful, especially to college students. Part of college life is learning to be self sufficient and figuring out how to do things without being told what to do. I see most college students complain about having to learn to “adult” – and y’all are totally right, adulting is hard. However, when there are so many resources and apps out here to make it easier for you, it’s weird that you aren’t using them to their fullest advantage.

These apps are designed to make your life a lot easier. Some even save you money in the long run or are built to have your back when you’re in a tight spot and caught underprepared for class. What’s not to love about that? Since most of us have smart phones, laptops for college, and or tablets, these apps can also integrate across all of your devices. Download them wherever’s convenient for you and get to work. Don’t be afraid of boring apps that are just there for school, finance, or general life skills. Nothing’s boring about saving time, money, and being way less stressed, so get with it. These are eight apps every college student needs to survive.


We all get distracted when trying to get schoolwork done. Getting rid of distraction used to be as easy as turning your computer off to be able to focus on a task, but now, we need our computers to do most of our work. And wish smartphones and tablets, it's even harder. The Internet is EVERYWHERE. That's why you need this app.

SelfControl is a free app that steps in to help you focus. It's simple: you add websites, apps, or even your e-mail account, basically anything that you think is going to distract you, to what's called your "blacklist." Then you set a timer, and you will be unable to access the items on your blacklist for as long as the timer is running. Even if you restart your device or delete the app, the timer still stands. Can't control your habits? Get an app to do it for you. Bye, Facebook. See you when this paper gets done.


Evernote is my favorite thing! To call it a note taking app would be reductive. You can organize your thoughts, notes, videos, links, whatever you need into separate notebooks, like a Pinterest board. What's better is you can collaborate on the same document with other people who have Evernote, so group projects just got that much easier. Organize your Evernote notebooks by class or however you need. I personally use mine for my thoughts, grocery lists, whatever. Since it's on your computer, phone, and tablet, it's a great app for everyday use, not just college classes. Even better? The app syncs itself across all of your devices, so you can pick up right where you left off. Stay organized, y'all.


Take everything to go! Ugh, I love Dropbox. Wherever you are, you can log into your Dropbox account. Load it on your computer, phone, or tablet to load documents, videos, pictures, whatever you need, so they're all in one spot. You can even access your account via login on a browser so you can get to it at the computer lab when you're running late and - gasp! - forgot to print that article for class. No problem. I even back up my phone pictures to my Dropbox. You can share your Dropbox documents with an easy-share link. Dropbox will save your ass on multiple occasions in college. If you haven't already started using it, now would be a good time to start before it's too late and you're stuck in a tricky situation.


Almost no one carries cash nowadays. At some point, you will wind up out without your wallet or with no cash to pay someone back. Go to an ATM, break a $20, and get hit with a fee? No thanks. Who balls that hard? Not poor college students!

Venmo hooks right up to your bank account and lets you wire over money to your friends' accounts, easy peasy. You can leave them little notes in the "what it's for" field, invoice them if you feel like giving someone a nudge because they haven't paid you back (rude), and wire money in your Venmo right back to your bank account within a day. I pay my rent on Venmo - it's totally legit and will save your ass when you're go out with a group and have to split a check. You'll use it a lot more than you thought, if you're not using it already.


I think we can all agree that citations and bibliographies are the worst part of getting research done. There are so many technicalities and possibilities of getting points taken off.

Enter EasyBib. It's a free app that generates citations in MLA, Chicago, or APA. You can input a website, journal article, book, pretty much anything you'd use for research anyway, and then it auto-generates the correct citation in the format you need. What a godsend, right? No more checking and double checking and worrying about the amount of spaces between colons and where to place a period. Now, you can focus on what you really need to get done. It's going to save you a lot of time and give you a ton of peace of mind.


Rejoice, money savers, Target has your back. Cartwheel is an app that loads relevant coupons and deals from Target so you can save at check out. Wherever you go to school, chances are, there's a Target close to you and it's probably your go-to spot for everything you need from toiletries to clothes to Halloween decorations. Only buy what you need and save that money. If you haven't gotten into the practice of using coupons and hunting deals, you're probably already spending money you don't have to. This app does it all for you! No hunting and research, just get deals from somewhere you already go to all the time.


It is what it sounds like. You take a picture and it turns your image into a PDF. Want to share your notes with a friend without letting them full-borrow your notebook? Snap a picture. Snap2PDF also works as a scanner when needed. Need to make your own copy of something and don't want to get dimes for the copy machine in the library? No problem - you can do it on your phone! Like any other PDF, you can forward it to whoever, save the PDF to your iBooks, and keep everything organized.


Nobody likes talking about money or even looking at their bank account. However, when your funds are limited because you're going hard being a full time college student, the last thing you'll want to do is break out your bank statements and make a budget. Gross.

Mint looks at your bank accounts, assesses how and where you're spending your money by giving you stats in charts and graphs, and even gives you advice about where to cut back. You can input a savings goal and it'll help you meet that, too (awesome). If you want an easy hack to get your money in order, this will be the app for you. No more worrying about if this purchase is going to be the one that overdraws your account!

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What are your favorite apps? Did we forget any? Should we download them? Let us know in the comments!

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