12 DIY Hair Hacks To Fix All Of Your Bang Problems

Oh, bangs. They can sure cause a lot of drama. For the record, I’m talking about your hair, not the ~*sexy*~ type of bangs (although, really, those can also cause plenty of drama). Some people are born with perfect hair, but for most of us, it’s a constant struggle. Frizz! Weird layers! Cowlicks! Greasy roots! Dry ends! If you have bangs, things get even worse. Because, sure, they look cute, but they also come with a whole new set of problems to deal with.

At some point in your life, you have probably listened to someone complaining about their bangs. Maybe you’ve been that someone! In that moment, you wonder, “why even bother?” You’re adding another element to your hair that you have to try and force into submission. It doesn’t seem worth it! But the thing is, that extra fringe can look so amazing when you get it right! Bangs might make our morning routines more complicated, but they also look really cool. It doesn’t matter whether you have short, blunt bangs, or a long, wispy fringe – they all rock. Not to mention that they’re the best concealer for forehead pimples.

If you love the look of bangs, but don’t love how tricky they can be, I’ve rounded up hacks that will help you tame those pesky little hairs. That way you can stop worrying about your greasy, separating fringe for once, and just enjoy them. Take a look at the 12 hacks that will solve all of your bang troubles. This is especially relevant right now, as bangs are a big hair trend for fall and winter 2016. Good luck out there ladies!

1. Going to the salon every single time you need a bang trim isn’t practical or affordable. This is how you cut a thick fringe without making it look like you let a horse chew on it. Divide your hair into sections, then point the scissors up to trim your tresses.

bangs 1



2. Cowlicks. Are. The. Worst. This hair styling tutorial demonstrates how to banish them for good. Once your blowdry your hair, avoid touching it to keep your bangs looking flawless. 

bangs 2



3. Dealing with a case of greasy bangs? These tips and tricks will stop your bangs from looking like an oil slick. 

Bangs 3



4. If you have a thick fringe, you want it to be full and dense. You don’t want it to be piecey. This tutorial shows how you blowdry your bangs to stop them from separating. 

bangs 4



5. When you have curly hair, you can wear your bangs straight or curly. If you want to embrace your natural hair texture, this tutorial teaches you how to show off your hair’s natural body.

bangs 5a



6. Are your bangs on the thinner side? Pump up the volume with this tutorial. It starts with the shampoo. The result? Voluminous bangs that look as full as clip-in ones. 

bangs 6



7. A thick fringe doesn’t dry perfectly. It needs a bit of coaxing to make it look #flawless. 

bangs 7



8. There is a difference between having your bangs around your face and having your bangs in your eyes. Use a comb and a bit of styling cream to keep your long fringe out of your peepers.

bangs 8



9. Love how pretty side-swept bangs look? You can create your own side bangs (or maintain what you already have) with this tutorial. The key is the twist and snip.

bangs 9



10. When you flat iron your bangs, they can come out looking too straight. This is how you prevent that plastered-to-my-forehead look.

bangs 10



11. Different techniques apply for curly bangs as opposed to straight ones. Follow these steps to keep your curls bouncy.

bangs 12



12. Growing out your bangs? Just can’t deal with them anymore? You can actually make the growing out process less painful.  

bangs 13



What issues do you have with your bangs? Let us know in the comments!

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