18 Terrifying DIY Halloween Costumes For Girls Who Aren’t Afraid To Get Creepy

There are three types of people on Halloween: the people who dress up in a costume that is very cool but still makes them look good, the people who try to win Instagram likes and Buzzfeed fame with a super relevant pop culture reference, and the people who dress as scary as possible because they know what Halloween is really about: all things creepy. At some point in time, we got confused, and costumes became over-priced, crappy quality looks that were both revealing and generic. People stopped dressing as scary things and started to go for the ~sexy~ look. And that’s totally fine! You can be whatever you want to be on Halloween. I just think, personally, that it’s more fun to do a scary costume, something that will terrify everyone around you – and DIY is best with this option, because it will always look better and more genuine than something you purchased.

There are lots of spooky costumes that have been overdone, like zombie everything, the creepy dead twins from The Shining, Michael Myers, and someone in a Scream mask. Those costumes are still fun and will always give you chills, but sometimes, it’s even more fun to do something a little bit different and out of the box. Whether you want to do something genuinely horrifying or you want to go the scary/funny route, the below options are perfect for everyone. Check out these DIY scary costumes, and your only problem will be picking just one:

Which one of these costumes is your favorite? What did we forget to add? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Siouq

    Be careful even with these seemingly innocent costumes, as they are offensive as they trivialize marginalized groups. Students who are awash in debt and struggling to survive after graduation should not be mocked and ridiculed. Neither should the victims of violent crimes be re subjected to the traumas of their horrors and have their experiences trivialize by glorification of those who do evil in society. And, it is interesting to see that the demons depicted were black. Surely a covert dig at black children and how those who promote such “costumes” feel about this marginalized group. Thinking that the author of this piece should be sacked for their intolerance and insensitivity to those who are crime victims. I could go on and on. Wondering how others feel?

    • jbooth1031

      I don’t think a girl wearing a sign that says “Student loans” is trivializing people in debt – that’s taking things a little far. Not sure where I mocked victims of violent crimes? Want to point that out? The “demons” are shadows. They aren’t depicted as black people. Sorry you saw it that way. To be honest, I have no idea where any of your comments are coming from.