11 Signs Your Halloween Costume Is Offensive AF

One of the best things about Halloween is that you get to dress up in something you would never normally wear and be someone totally different for a few hours. Halloween costumes are creative and interesting, and they’re so much fun to put together. But you know what isn’t fun? Dealing with the Halloween costumes that are based on unfair and, frankly, gross stereotypes. Every year, there are people dressed in offensive AF costumes, and that needs to stop. Yes, Halloween should be fun and not taken too seriously, but basic human compassion and sensitivity should be the default everyone operates from. Unfortunately, it isn’t. People dress in offensive costumes, then make up every excuse they can think of to justify their garbage behavior.

We all make mistakes – personally, I wore sugar skull makeup before I knew better. But let’s become more aware, move past those mistakes, learn from our past behavior, and do better. The real issue is when you know you’re being offensive and awful, but still do it anyway, but still – your costume can be offensive without you knowing it. I don’t pretend to be the peak example of PC-woke-ness – you can go ahead and call me a no-fun too-serious example of everything that’s wrong with this country – but Halloween sometimes seems to be the season for everyone to showcase their lack of empathy and understanding. These are 11 signs your Halloween costume is probably offensive af, and if you don’t know, now you know.

What’s the worst offensive Halloween costume you’ve seen? How do you know when something is offensive? Let us know in the comments!

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