8 Easy Self-Care Tips Every Introvert Must Do

It took me over 20 years to figure out that I have an introverted personality – and then, once I read about it, everything clicked into place. Being an introvert is something that is a bit misunderstood. For starters, “introvert” is not the same as “shy.” Sure, there are plenty of people who are both shy and introverted (I’m one of them), but they aren’t one in the same. Introverts aren’t boring, overly emotional people who sit around reading books all the time and hating society. We’re not! Introverts are complex. We like to be with friends, but too much social time drains us, and we gain energy from being alone and love to have quiet time. There is a lot of other things to know about introverts, but let’s stop there for a second, and talk about introvert self-care

Introverts literally cannot function without daily alone time. Personally, I love being around my friends, co-workers, and family members, but after a day of being surrounded by people, I crave quiet time to be by myself. If I don’t get one day during the week where I have the day to myself, with no one else around but my cats, I feel totally off-balance. That feeling sucks! Self-care is important for everyone – and certain tips are essential for introverts, if you want to stay sane and happy. The first step is just admitting that you’re introverted and moving on with your life. The second is learning what makes you feel happy and relaxed. If you follow the below tips, you’ll be feeling more like yourself in no time. Here are some self-care tips every introvert needs to incorporate into their routine.

Learn More About Being An Introvert

Sometimes it takes people a long time to figure out what personality type they have - I'm an example of that. It took me over 20 years to realize I was an introvert. And, like I said, there are a lot of myths about introverts. Take some time to get to know your personality type. Do a little research online, maybe read a book, look up other people who are also introverts. You don't need to relate to every single thing, but knowing what helps you succeed and feel good, and what brings you down can be really eye-opening and helpful in so many different ways.

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Find A Creative Outlet

Creativity certainly isn't limited to introverts - in fact, some research has found that people with a mix of introverted and extroverted qualities are the most creative - but introverts have intense minds and emotions that lend themselves to creativity. Being creative is also a great way to work through those intense thoughts running through your head. It's an excellent way to relax and calm down. Being creative means something different to everyone, so there's no right way to do it. You can try drawing, painting, making jewelry, doing DIY project, writing, playing music... the list goes on. You don't need to be a creative genius or even good at what you're doing, the point is to enjoy yourself and have an outlet.

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Have Designated Quiet Time Every Day

Set aside a block of time every day where you have total silence and relaxation. This shouldn't mean time to be on the computer or on your phone - in fact, it's best if you put away the technology for that time. Have just you time, to sleep or read or be creative or go outside and take a walk. It's like a breath of fresh air, even if you're inside! A year ago, I did an experiment where I didn't use technology when I wasn't at work. It was hard but also amazing. I felt so great and accomplished when I wasn't using it! It's not realistic, though, so I decided to give myself 45 minutes every night where I turned off technology and did something else. That little break honestly made my days so much better, and I always looked forward to it. I got busy and stopped, but I need to get back into that habit. Try it!

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Start Meditating or Doing Yoga

Another great way to have quiet time to yourself and to have an outlet for your intense emotions is to meditate and/or do yoga. Learning how to breathe correctly and silencing your mind and listening to your body is so incredibly relaxing - there's nothing like it. It's a great way to gain energy back after work and school and your social life sucks it out of you. It's also good for stress and anxiety.

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Give Yourself You Time As Much As Possible

"You" time should be a little different from quiet time. Give yourself a full day every week to just hang out with you. If you can't swing that, try for an hour every day. Can't swing that? Get it in whenever you have the extra time. I have a pretty busy schedule, but if I don't make time to have "me" time every week, I go crazy. Just give yourself a few hours alone to do whatever you want to do - no one else around.

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Get Rid Of Toxic People

This is a good self-care tip for everyone, honestly, but it applies to introverts who have extroverted friends who don't understand them. If you have people in your life who are always trying to make you into someone you're not or who don't understand why you need time to yourself, get them out of your life. You don't need that!

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Learn How To Say No

Being able to confidently say "no" is so important for an introvert. Sure, it's great to go to parties and see your friends, but you also need to remember that you need time to yourself. You have to be able to say no to the things you don't want to do, because you don't need to do everything. I didn't learn how to do this until halfway through college. I spent my life before then trying to think of excuses as to why I couldn't do certain things, or making myself do everything and hating it. Now, if I need time to myself and a friend wants to hang out, I'm able to be honest and say, "No, I'm tired tonight." It feels awesome!

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Force Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone Sometimes

Yes, it's important to sit out certain things. But it's also important to push yourself sometimes. Know when to say no and when to force yourself to do something. Introverts easily fall into comfort zones of things they know make them feel good - they're hesitant to step outside of that and try something new. I get it. I'm the same way sometimes. But you'll often find that sometimes the things you're scared to do or think you can't do are the beset things. So, know when to push yourself. You need it!

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