The 14 Most Important Girl Code Rules Every Female Needs To Know

Being a girl in this world isn’t always easy. We have to deal with annoying body stuff like blood leaking from our vaginas, confusing discharge, and emotional mood swings. We’re constantly working to defy gender norms and female stereotypes, like the fact that women “aren’t funny” and that we have no idea what sports are. We have to struggle against unfair expectations, like feeling like we need to look smiley and calm all the time. Even though it’s 2016, females still have to fight against sexism, unequal wages, and victim blaming in situations of sexual assault and domestic violence. Yes, I’m sure dudes deal with plenty of struggles of their own, but this isn’t about them (for once). It’s about us. All of the above struggles and the ones that didn’t get mentioned are prime examples of why we need girl code. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of girl code before – it’s a set of unspoken rules that all women should, ideally, live by. There’s no book about it, and it’s definitely not stuff we learn about in school. It’s more like tips passed down from our friends and female family members, maybe the MTV show called Girl Code, maybe books or movies. Just like anything else that’s passed around this way, girl code includes a few “rules” that should be ignored. You don’t have to hate the girl your BFF hates just because, and you don’t need to be mean to a friend’s ex’s new girlfriend simply because she isn’t your friend.

Girl code should be more about supporting other women, lifting them up when they need it, and helping each other out with the things only other females could understand. And while all girl code rules are important, some are more important than others. This Ask Reddit thread does a great job of showing some of the most essential girl code tips out there – and if you aren’t sure of what they are, you need to be. Check out these girl code rules every female must know:

If Someone Is Quiet In A Bathroom Stall When You Walk In, Let Them Poop

You know when you walk into a public bathroom and notice that some woman is sitting there, not moving, and not making one sound? It's most likely because she was in the middle of something before you walked in. As chz_plzsays, "If you go into the bathroom and someone is in a stall being very, very quiet, she is pooping and doesn't want to do it with you in the room. So you do your business as quickly as you can and leave." Quick bathroom rule: unless it's an emergency, always let the person who was in there first do their business first. It's just common courtesy.

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Girls Have To Help Each Other Out In The Bathroom

Not to sound like a corny rom-com, but the bathroom is kind of a sacred place for girls. It's just this weird public area where we can bond in a way we wouldn't in other spots, especially if drinking is involved. Like meowdryhepurrrn says, "Always try to help a fellow drunk girl in the bathroom when she needs it. Lend a hair tie, band-aids, tampons, etc." This doesn't only apply to drunk girls. If a chick is asking to borrow something, lend it to her if you have it. If you hear a girl crying in the bathroom and she's clearly alone, ask her if she's okay. It's just a nice thing to do.

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If You Know A Guy Is Cheating, Tell The Girl He's Cheating With

I know too many women who keep quiet when they know a dude is cheating, and I don't really understand why. It should be standard Girl Code to always tell a girl when the guy they're hooking up with has a girlfriend, or that you caught their boyfriend kissing someone else. Some girls don't want to get involved, which I get, but I could just never stand by and watch that happen! Like agonz18 says, "...If a guy f**** you and then later on you find out that he was exclusive with another girl, TELL THAT GIRL AND GET HER OUT OF THAT SITUATION. I don't care if that girl hates you, calls you out or flat out just doesn't believe you, you f***** tell her and then step out."

Exactly! This goes for seeing a friend's BF/GF with someone else. I know people who have seen their friend's S.O. with other people and haven't said anything. To me, that isn't friendship.

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Always Tell A Girl If Her Period Is Leaking

Having your period leak through your clothes is embarrassing, no matter how much you don't care about your menstrual cycle. And sometimes, we don't always notice it happening to us. Listen to poor-self-control: "If you see a fellow lady leaking during her period, quietly pull her to the side and say something." Don't do it publicly and don't be weird about it. Just say it! She might feel embarrassed, but she'll also feel incredibly thankful. Wouldn't you want someone to do the same for you instead of walking around with blood on your butt?

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Support Each Other, Even If You're Jealous

Part of feminism is supporting other women and their accomplishments. Of course, this doesn't mean you have to support every single thing a woman does or agree with every single thing a woman does. But, like DYNAMICRICK says, "If a friend/family member/any other woman is awarded/commended for some achievement, show support. It's not always easy to hide jealousy, but dammit you do it." You have to support the accomplishments of friends and family. It's just rude not to.

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Tell Her If There's No Toilet Paper Left

Reddit user bamforeo says, "Never let a girl walk into a bathroom stall if there's no toilet paper." If you do that, you are officially a terrible person. Sorry, not sorry.

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Always Give Each Other Compliments

It might sound lame, but compliments can do SO much for someone. They can really make someone feel awesome. In a world where women are so often made to feel bad about themselves, be the girl who lifts up other girls. Like Cararacs says, "Compliment. You compliment shoes, top, hair, makeup, etc. When you're going out with friends to bar/club/party, whatever, you compliment your friend(s)." And it's not even just for friends - if you see a shirt you like, tell the girl you like it. It's just a nice thing to do.

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Watch Your Friends Walk To Their Cars

We unfortunately live in a world where we have to worry about our safety a lot as women. A big part of Girl Code is helping to keep other women safe when you can. User GryffBitch says, "When your friend is leaving your place late at night you walk her out. Then stand with the door open and light on until you make sure they're backing out." YUP. This is such an important rule. Anything can happen while your friend is walking to her car, especially when it's dark and late at night. You'll make her feel more at ease and you could potentially save her from something awful. I hate asking friends to watch me from the door, but I also hate when they don't do it. Do it without being asked!

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Make Sure Your Friends Let You Know When They're Home

Another way to ensure that your fellow women are okay: have them check in when they get home. WitchoftheWasted points out, "You tell them to text you to let you know they got home safe at the end of a night out." Even if it's a five minute drive, check in! We have to look out for each other.

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You Must Give A Tampon To Those In Need

The cardinal rule of being a female is to share tampons and pads when needed. User Danger_Possum says, "If someone ever needs a pad or a tampon, you give them one. Doesn't matter if they're a stranger, if you hate them, whatever. You always give them one." If you've ever been stuck without a pad or a tampon and you have your period, you know how awful and hopeless it feels. Don't be the girl who doesn't help.

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Always Tell Her About Wardrobe Malfunctions

Recently, one of my worst style nightmares happened: I walked out of the bathroom in my office with my skirt tucked into my underwear. Thankfully, I went the short way where there was almost no one to see me, and even more thankfully, Gurl writer Sara caught me before I got into the extremely public and open room I was about to walk into to tell me my butt was out. I would have been MORTIFIED. As Cheeky6892 says, "If you're in a public bathroom, and a woman has accidentally tucked her skirt into her tights, you tell her so she can fix it before she leaves."

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Be Honest When They Ask What You Think About Clothes

I hate when a girl asks about for her friends' opinion about her outfit or something she's thinking of buying, and everyone oozes compliments even if they don't mean it. When I ask for my friends' opinions, I want the truth, not a meaningless, "So cute!" User Bloodyso says, "Be honest when they ask about wardrobe choices, but loving and offer suggestions. But do tell her when her outfit shows off her assets." I couldn't agree more. You don't need to be harsh, but part of Girl Code is being honest.

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You Should Tell Each Other About Beauty Mishaps

Don't let a fellow chick walk around with lipstick on her teeth or a clear makeup mark on her white shirt. winnie_bago says, "Tell them if their mascara is running or if they have something stuck in their teeth." Just... girl code is about helping each other out, okay?

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If You Think A Girl Is Being Followed Or Harassed, Pretend To Be Her Friend

You CAN help a random girl when a stranger is being creepy, and you should if it's possible. User emalina says, "If you see someone being followed or harassed, always act like they're a friend you haven't seen in a while! It usually will make them feel safe and make the harasser lose interest." Exactly. Help a friend, even help a stranger. Girl code!

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