16 Tweets About Being Obsessed With Fall That Perfectly Describe You

Let me be the first person on the entire internet to admit something a little “quirky” about myself: Personally, I find fall–the season that occurs when summer makes its transition to winter, otherwise known as “autumn”–to be the very best season there is.

Kidding! I am not a pioneer on either front, here, in terms of  revealing something about my personality that I believe to be slightly unconventional, or picking fall as my favorite season. The truth is, the entire internet loves both things–human deviance and autumn–in pretty much equal quantity. It loves the fashion, the memes, and it loves complaining about how everything in the fall comes in pumpkin spice flavors, although, if you think about it, the pumpkin spice overload is pretty much a direct consequence of the overall consensus that fall is the superior season.

I don’t know. Either way, check out the best tweets about being totally obsessed with fall right here:

1. This is you:


2. Well, this is…rude:


3. Soooo cozy!


4. This fall tweet has a very subtle hidden message:


5. As does this one:


6. And what is fall without pumpkin spice?


7. Heh:




9. Ah, yes. Candy corn–the minions of seasonal candy:


10. Hahahahahaha same! Wait:


11. Iconic:


12. Focus on what’s important here:


13. *Kim Kardashian voice* tragic:


14. It is a season of transitions, after all:


15. Are you *really* serious about loving fall? Prove it:


16. Ah, yes. Anyway. Fall:

Do you love fall? Which of these tweets is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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