13 Early ’00s Inspired Halloween Costumes That You Should Absolutely Rock

We’re far enough removed from the turn of this century–the new millennium, Y2K, the era of visible thong and Juicy suits–that we’re able to actually reminisce about it. In fact, we’re collectively reminiscing about it so much that early ’00s style is making a comeback. I guess we finally miss those days again. This honestly feels a little weird since I was actually, like, sentient in the early ’00s. Some of my most formative moments took place at that time, when I was a pre-teen and young teenager. It doesn’t even feel like that long ago, but all of a sudden I’m like, “holy crap, Britney and Justin wore matching denim outfits 16 years ago? WTF?

These rude awakenings might make you feel old (or maybe it’s just me), but they also make for great costume ideas. So, dig deep into those childhood memories you have–your Avril Lavigne phase, your magnificent lipgloss collection–and get some ideas from these 13 ’00s inspired Halloween costumes.


While looking up Aaliyah Halloween costumes, I stumbled upon this photo of Keke Palmer and I am shook. She really looks so much like Aaliyah in her video for "Try Again." To recreate this look, rock a long, straight black wig and a bejeweled or sequin bikini top. Pair with black pants and black sneakers. As for makeup, rock a dark, striking eye and throw on a touch of lip gloss.


Ginger, Dodie, And Macie From 'As Told By Ginger'

Ahhhh! As someone who was a huge fan of As Told By Ginger as a kid, this cosplay warms my heart so much. The most recognizable character from As Told By Ginger is Ginger, of course. Unlike many cartoons, she (and the other characters in the show) regularly changed outfits, but she usually wore blue overalls and a striped red top or blue jeans and a yellow top in most of the promo for the show. Either way, you need to make sure you have a curly red wig. If you're going as a group, Dodie needs blonde pigtails and a blue top with a flower on it; Macie just needs a pixie cut, glasses, and a dress. Of course, you could always go as Courtney and Miranda, too, if you'd rather be Mean Girls.


Avril Lavigne

Yo, who didn't have an Avril Lavigne phase? If you didn't, you're lying, period. Avril helped popularize the pop punk look of the early '00s by rocking studded belts (and bracelets), ties with t-shirts or tanks, and pants that sometimes even showed off some boy short undies. With those items, you'll be golden. Oh, and make sure to straighten the hell out of your hair and rock eyeliner that goes all around your eyes.


Kim Possible

Call her, beep her, if you wanna reach her. Kim Possible was just a sincerely fun cartoon that most of us still have some affection for all these years later. Luckily, Kim is a really easy character to dress up as. All you need are a pair of baggy green cargo pants and a black, long-sleeved top. Of course, a red wig would make it a lot easier to know who the hell you're dressed up as.


Britney And Justin

This. Look. Was. Iconic. Replicate it with your boo (or a friend) by...honestly, finding anything and everything denim you could possibly find in your wardrobe. The beauty of this monstrosity is just how non-ironic it was at the time, so make sure you stay true to the look by finding blues that match as nicely as possible. You can definitely find some really cheap denim dresses at a thrift store, BTW.


Killa Cam

Cam'ron's all pink everything outfit will go down in history as one of the most iconic outfits of all time. OF ALL TIME. This look might take a little more time to gather, but it'll be worth it. A little bit of digging goes a lot way. Get the most important parts out of the way by looking for a cheap pink faux-fur jacket. You can probably find one online, just don't expect high quality. Next, find a faux-fur pink beanie or headband. You'll also want to wear a pink shirt, which should be easy enough to find at your local mall or shopping center. To really pull it all together, though, you need to cop a pink flip phone. You can likely find a toy one online or at a costume store for very little money.


Lizzie And Miranda From 'Lizzie McGuire'

I'd argue that nothing sums up early '00s teen girl style quite like Lizzie and Miranda's outfits on Lizzie McGuire. Your best bet for this look is to find some seriously mix match clothing and raid Claire's or another cheap source for jewelry and hair accessories. Go ham on butterfly clips and hair ties so you can rock a seriously funky updo. Lizzie was always a little bit more trendy, but Miranda was a little bit more punky, so anything with a British flag or newspaper print thrown in to her look would be killer.


Britney Spears

Britney Spears made her mark in pop history known in 2000 when she gave us her red latex look in the video for "Oops...I Did It Again." Unless you go to a store that supplies fetish clothing, this can be a little difficult to find. Your best bet is to either find a red long sleeved unitard/jumpsuit or to find pleather pants and a top in red. Rock a high ponytail and plenty of mascara and frosted, shimmery highlighter on your cheeks.


Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie

It seems like a lifetime ago, but there was a time when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie ruled the world. They were like, our current day equivalent to hearing about Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner all the time, with--arguably--even more spray tans. The best way to dress up as this class '00s duo is by rocking their Simple Life promo outfits. For Paris, rock a bodycon sleeveless denim dress. You can either find one at a store or just go to town on a denim dress with a pair of scissors. Rock a red bandana and a chihuahua plush toy. For Nicole, rock a pair of overalls with one strap undone, revealing either a pink bra or a pink cami if you're more comfortable with that. Make sure your blonde wigs look as fried as possible and don't go easy on the bronzer.

Pop Sugar

Elle Woods

Legally Blonde has held up pretty well for a movie that came out 15 years ago. To pull off Elle's look, you need to either have blonde hair or rock a blonde wig. The fuller the better, with light waves. As far as the outfit is concerned, opt for a hot pink v-neck dress--pastel pink won't cut it--and heels. If you have a lil' doggie who doesn't mind being an accessory, cool, but for less stress, cop a little Chihuahua plush toy instead. They were, after all, the hottest dog of the early '00s. As for makeup, rock a pink lipstick, a touch of blush, and mascara. If you can handle it, I'd even suggest rocking some false eyelashes for a little extra umph. If you have a silver charm bracelet or a delicate necklace, those would be nice touches as well.


Destiny's Child

Before Destiny's Child disbanded, the trio really ruled R&B in the early '00s, especially when they came out with "Survivor." Pay homage to the iconic video by dressing up in all camo with two friends. Honestly, you can go as Destiny's Child for any era as long as you're wearing matching OTT outfits, but the camo is probably one of the more recognizable looks to opt for. Mix it up too: One person can wear a camo bikini top, another can wear a camo dress, etc. Bonus points for throwing a camo bandana into the mix.


Mia And Lilly From 'The Princess Diaries'

Even as a little kid I was surprised by just how good The Princess Diaries movie was. If you and your friend loved that movie back in the day, why not dress up as Mia and Lilly? This look will be pretty simple since you just need to rock plaid skirts, a button down collared shirt, ties, and a blazer. The only way this look will be super recognizable, however, is if one of you goes as Mia, full mane of curly hair and all. What's great about this costume is that it's not only cute AF, but you'll actually be able to wear most of it in the future for non-costume purposes.


Emily The Strange

I was never a full blown emo kid, but I was arguably emo adjacent, meaning that I definitely owned my fair share of Emily The Strange merch. To pull of a costume that only people obsessed with Hot Topic can appreciate, you need a black sleeveless mini dress; the thicker the straps, the better. You'll need to straighten your hair if it's dark, rock a wig if it's not (or, if it's super short). If you have bangs, you're golden. Your makeup needs to be super minimal, just go heavy on the dark eye makeup; for an even creepier look, blend your foundation into your lips so that you look a little, er, half-dead. Top it all off with a pair of black boots--preferably combat boots--and you're set.


Which of these costumes would you rock in a hot second? What trend or look from the early ’00s makes you cringe the most? Tell us in the comments!

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