7 Weird Sex Problems That Are Actually Normal

Sometimes sex is a mind-blowing experience, and other times things go terribly wrong. Guess what? Experiencing problems during sex is completely normal. They may not show it on TV shows or in movies, but a lot of the time, sex is just plain bad. Maybe you’re having issues with your body, your partner is not feeling it, or something goes haywire halfway through the deed. Whatever it is, it’s not worth freaking out over. As Taylor Swift says, just “shake it off.” Okay, doable… until you have a weird sex problem and start panicking and wondering if something is actually wrong.


If something “weird” goes awry in the bedroom, though, it could potentially be a lot more normal than you think. The reason it’s not discussed is because, when it comes to sex, people want to brag about it – not talk about the crappy/scary/lame times. Yes, even George Clooney has had weird things go wrong in the bedroom! (Sorry, George.) Having sex is a vulnerable experience, and our brains have a lot to do with how much we can enjoy it. If you or your partner are dealing with depression, anxiety, or healing from abuse, it’s very likely that your body won’t be able to respond well to sex.

Here are some weird sex problems that are actually completely normal:

You Queef

Queefing sounds a whole lot like farting, and hearing that noise come out of your body while you're naked with someone else can be mortifying. But queefing is so normal! It's just extra air being pushed out of your vaginal area, and that air can really get in there if you're having penetrative sex. It doesn't smell and is hard to avoid, and it happens to everyone.

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You Get A Urinary Tract Infection

It's happened to the best of us: you have a great sexual experience, and then a few hours later you feel burning when you pee and everything sucks. Getting a UTI after sex makes some girls feel "dirty," but it definitely shouldn't. It's really normal, and happens quite often to some people. To prevent it, pee immediately after sex.

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He's Not Hard

Hooking up with a guy and suddenly realizing he isn't hard, or that his hard-on is gone can be really upsetting. It's normal to immediately assume it has something to do with you, but it's also completely normal in general! There's no reason to think it's strange - and definitely don't take it personally. There are so many reasons why he may not be able to stand at attention, like nerves, stress, and medication. It is almost never about him not being turned on by you. Guys obviously do not like to talk about this sort of thing, which is why it has such a taboo around it and is seen as so awful, but it happens a lot more than you would think.

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It Hurts To Have Sex

Believe it or not, pain during sex is actually pretty common - well, a certain amount of pain, anyway. But regardless, do not feel like you have to soldier through it just because you're embarrassed. You may not have "warmed up" enough before jumping into sex, you might have a medical issue going on that you should get checked out, or you guys could be doing an angle that isn't working for you. If the pain is minor and goes away quickly, you're probably fine. If it's really bad, go see a doctor. Whatever the reason, it's good to figure out what is going on.

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You're Into Different Kinky Things

There are kinks for almost everything in this world, but kink shaming is real, so most of them do not get discussed unless they're getting made fun of. Sometimes you and your partner are into different things, and that can make things awkward. It's not a huge deal, it just might mean you aren't super compatible in bed - but you can still make things work if you want.

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You're Not Able To Orgasm

If you've ever watched a Hollywood sex scene, then you probably assume that women are supposed to have screaming orgasms five minutes after a penis enters her vagina. Uh, not so true in real life. If you're having trouble orgasming, there most likely is nothing wrong with you. You aren't weird if you can't orgasm during penetration. Most women have trouble reaching orgasm through penetration, because most women need clitoral stimulation to get to that point, and penetration on its own doesn't always offer that. It happens much more often than you think, and usually just requires a little experimentation.

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It Takes A Long Time For Them To Finish

Sometimes sex lasts way longer than you want it to. You're thinking, "Okay, already! Let's get this thing over with!" That's actually a totally normal feeling. Be sure to communicate with your partner if you're feeling tired or in pain during sex. Some people have trouble reaching orgasm, and it's not a reflection on you.

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Have you ever had any of these problems? Let me know in the comments below!

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