8 Little Signs That You’re Way Too Needy

Self-awareness requires a few things: Maturity, perspective, and the ability to take a bite out of a big ol’ slice of humble pie. In other words, you have to be ale to understand and accept that you’re a flawed human being who makes mistakes, and know that this is okay because it’s a part of growing up. Some of the most obvious instances of lacking self-awareness can be seen in people who are super needy. You know what I mean, the people who are always looking for validation, the people who constantly fish for compliments and can’t do anything for themselves without help?


Okay, this is a bit of a self-drag because I definitely have needy tendencies, and yo…they’re really hard to shake off. I’d still be showing my needy tendencies in the worst ways too if didn’t become more–DING DING DING–self-aware. Hey, it’s a journey that takes time for all of us Needy Nancy’s, but you might needy AF yourself and don’t even fully realize it. Curious? Check out these eight little signs that you’re way too needy. I’m not doing this to make you feel bad or paranoid. Neediness can put a strain on good relationships and exacerbate self-esteem problems. The sooner you realize that you’re too needy, the sooner you can

You Get Jealous Of Friends Hanging Out Without You

So, you're hanging out with your friends and you find out that friend A and friend B hung out, solo, a few days ago. You feel weirdly betrayed and hurt, wondering if they decided to leave you out on purpose, etc. Yo, chill out a second and think about all the times you've hung out individually with friends in your friend group without purposely leaving others out. It's not always about you!

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You Always Need Someone By Your Side During A Group Activity

So, you and your friends are out and about in a big ol' group and you're rolling deep. But being surrounded by people who love you isn't enough, you need to have someone at your side at all times during this outing--a buddy who is EXTRA close to you--or else you'll feel left out. Oh, and when that person who you assumed would be your designated buddy hangs out with someone else in the group, you feel a down, hurt, or even angry. Does this sound familiar? Then sorry, girl, but this is something you should definitely work on. This possessive behavior is not a good look and it's unfair to your friends as well.


Your Social Media Engagement Affects Your Mood

We've all been there, right? This spiral of social media validation, where our mood is dictated by how many likes our last pic got compared to the pic before that, by who bothered to watch your Snapchat story, etc. It's so easy to get caught up, but try not to read too deeply into that kind of stuff. You weren't soft blocked just because so and so person hasn't liked your Tweets as much lately. People don't always engage in social media in such a vindictive way--you probably don't, so why assume that others are?

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You Don't Stand Up For Yourself When Friends And Lovers Treating You Poorly

Sometimes you're so needy--for friendship, for affection, for even a little bit of attention--that you'll even brush off bad behavior as long as you feel like you're a part of a group or a relationship. Don't let people walk all over you, nobody is worth such a lack of self-respect.

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You Can't Stand The Very Idea Of Being Single

You need a bae. Like, need a bae. Not just because you're thirsty, but because you hate living in a reality where you don't have access to someone who will shower you with affection. This is a dangerous mindset to get accustomed to, because you start to delude yourself into thinking you're only a person of value when someone else decides you are too. You are more than your relationship status, dude.


You're Always Worried That Your Friends Are Mad At You

Sometimes our friends are acting a little off or cold toward us, so this is a natural thing to wonder about. It's not necessarily about you, though; maybe they're having a bad day or they're stressed about something. And hopefully if they are feeling some kind of way about you, they'll let you know if you asked. But please, don't always assume that your friends hate your guts just because they aren't smothering you with attention in the form of likes, texts, etc. You're probably just overanalyzing everything.

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You Rely On Your Parents To 'Fix' Everything

It's not just friends or baes that can bring out your needy side. Parents can enable it, too. Do you often rely on your parents to sort things out for you at school? Can you even make an appointment without your parents? Part of growing up is realizing that not only do you sometimes have to figure crap out for yourself, but also that you absolutely have it in you to take control. Believe in yourself a little more, dude, you're so much more capable than you think you are.

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You Have Garbage Self-Esteem

A lot of not-so-great personality traits can stem from self-esteem issues, and neediness is just one of them. Of course, low self-esteem isn't just a think that you acknowledge and go, "Oh, I better stop this right now!" It takes years, even a lifetime to really improve on your self-esteem, so don't expect results overnight. Whenever you find yourself in a situation in which you're acting particularly needy, take a minute to ask yourself, "Do I need this kind of validation, or this extra assistance because I don't believe in myself? Is it because I feel bad about myself?"

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Do you think that you have needy tendencies? Do any of your friends have a problem with this? Tell us in the comments!

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