9 Halloween Costumes You Can Create With A Pair Of Overalls

Overalls have been have a bit of a comeback over the last couple of years, which either fills you up with outfit ideas or makes you want to die a little bit. But whether you are embracing the trend or you gave it a go and absolutely hated it, it might be a good idea to hang on to your pair even when overalls fall out of fashion again. Why? Well, because they’ll come back again at some point, but they’re also handy for Halloween costumes.

What’s great about overalls is that it’s really easy to create costumes with them. I mean, they’re pants with straps on ’em, you literally just need a shirt and some accessories to get your desired look. That means that they’re especially helpful for those of you who really don’t want to spend a ton of time and money on a DIY costume. Plus, overalls are pretty versatile; you could really be anything from a farmer to a ’90s fashion icon; it all depends on how you style it. If you want an extra boost of inspiration, check out these nine Halloween costumes you can create with a pair of overalls. From the ultra simple to looks that require a little more detail, you’ll see something that will spark some creativity.

Mario and Luigi

It's really silly that so many Mario and Luigi costumes for girls are all, like, suspenders with micro mini skirts. Nah, you don't have to do all that. Just grab a pair of overalls and rock either a red or green shirt with a red or green hat. Of course, it's best if you have a friend to dress up with so one of you can be Mario and another can be Luigi, but these guys are so recognizable that you can go solo, too.


A Minion

Whether you love them or hate them, minion costumes are going to continue to be big this year. If you're a fan of 'em, it's the easiest costume to throw together, so maybe consider giving it a go. All you need are overalls, a yellow top, and a pair of thick framed glasses. Sure, you can paint your skin yellow, but you really don't have to; everyone will already know what you are. A minion plush toy on the side will make it extra obvious, however.


A Scarecrow

This costume idea is actually great for those of you who would rather spend time focusing on your makeup than your outfit. You can trow on a pair of baggy, and a button down plaid shirt, and a sun hat. That's the easy part. Now, to have some fun, go to town with your makeup by drawing on stitching, patches, etc.


Old School Mary-Kate And Ashley

Back in the day, Mary-Kate and Ashley dominated home videos, and they often wore matching outfits, a few of which included overalls. This definitely isn't a look you can pull off by yourself, so grab a friend and rock this look together. Seriously, all you need are matching shirts and matching overalls; a juvenile haircut like pigtails or side ponytails will help, too.


Nicole Richie From 'The Simple Life'

Back in the early and mid '00s, Paris Hilton ruled the world, along with her pal Nicole Richie right by her side. If you want to pay homage to a simpler time of bad spray tans and bone straight hair, rock Nicole's iconic The Simple Life look. All you really need are a pair of dark blue overalls and a pink bra. Only rock this if you feel comfortable showing a little bit of cleavage, however. You could replace a black bra with a lacy pink cami or a pink bikini if that makes you more comfortable, however.

Pop Sugar

Tai From 'Clueless'

Oh, Tai. We had to really feel for her when she wasn't really impressing any of the guys during that concert scene. Replicate her look with denim overall shorts, a pink top, and a sweater tied around your waist. If you could make your hair curly, that's even better. You'll be more recognizable if you're flanked with a couple of friends who are dressed as Cher and Dionne, but your look will still be recognizable to anyone who has had enough sense to watch Clueless.


A Member Of TLC

The ladies of TLC loved a good pair of overalls, the baggier the better. You'll be best served hitting up your local thrift store to find a pair that you can work with on the cheap. If you opt for a colorful pair of overalls, taht works too, because TLC loved color. Pair with equally baggy tops, bananas, unopened condom wrappers, sneakers...you can really do anything you want with this look as long as it gets people's attention.


A Train Conductor

All you need to pull this outfit off is a cap and a button down top. Depending on how you style this look, you can either go for a more low key look or a little more dapper. For example, if you want to look a little more rural, go with a pattered button down and a bandana. For a look that's a little more refined, opt for a white, crisp button down without all the extra accessories.


Alex Mack From 'The Secret World Of Alex Mack'

If you're a big fan of '90s Nickelodeon, you'll want to jump on the chance to dress up as Alex Mack from the underrated classic The Secret World Of Alex Mack. All you need is a pair of overalls, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap. This is the perfect last minute halloween costume idea because you can literally grab everything from your own closet!


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