17 Clever AF DIY Food Costumes You Haven’t Thought Of For Halloween

There are tons of things to think about on Halloween – will everyone love your costume? Will it get a lot of Instagram likes, enough to be noticed by Buzzfeed? Will anyone else be wearing it? What are you even doing on Halloween? – but we all know the most important thing: food. Specifically, candy, free candy, but also food in general because when are we not thinking about food? That brings us to the real point of this post: to show off some seriously clever DIY food costumes that you should dress up as this Halloween.

We already have a post on really awesome food costumes (check it out right here), but there are so many more options out there. You don’t even have to go for something like grapes or Skittles or a bottle of wine, all of which are weirdly popular on Pinterest. You can do something more different and out of the box that will impress everyone while also making everyone really hungry. The other great thing about dressing up as food is that you can eat the food you dressed up as all night long, and no one will be like, “Hey, Jessica, why are you walking around this party eating mac and cheese?” I know, I know, thank me later. But first, check out these food costumes that are clever AF:

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