24 Of The Best Memes From The First Clinton Vs Trump Debate

Last night, September 26, was the first 2016 presidential debate between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Did you watch? I did, because I’m a politics weirdo who has been looking forward to this debate for months. I had a little watch party set up and everything, that’s how much of a masochist I am about this election season: I want to torture myself as much as I can before November 8, when the country decides which of these two will be the next president. While stats indicate that–as of today–Clinton has a 55 percent chance of winning the election, national polls put Clinton and Trump at a virtual tie. As someone who would literally rather see a family of skunks win the election than Donald Trump, I’m a little nervous.

Okay, super nervous.

There’s so much on the line this election. For starters, there’s a vacancy on the Supreme Court, and whoever fills it could determine the future of important issues like abortion. Whichever party controls Congress will help determine the fate of everything from healthcare to the rights of undocumented people. Hell, Donald Trump essentially said that the country needs to adopt stop and frisk policy to reduce crime, even though stop and frisk has been deemed unconstitutional because it unfairly singles out blacks and Latinos. I have plenty of criticisms of Hillary Clinton–I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary–but the idea of a Trump presidency with a Republican congress and an empty spot on the Supreme Court?

Honestly, the only thing getting me through this political hellhole are memes, and there were plenty to go around after this first debate. It’s like…laughing to stop from crying in pixel form. So, whether you’re freaking out about the election and need a boost of humor, or you DGAF and just want a laugh, check out these 25 Clinton versus Trump debate memes. They’ll almost make you forget about this mess we’re in.

1. Hillary’s debate prep was brutal.


2. You know Hillary listened to Beyonce’s “Lemonade” before the debate last night.


3. Anyone else surprised that Trump wasn’t as orange as usual?


4. Okay but real talk, did anyone notice how much Trump was sniffling?


5. Relatable TBH.


6. Find the lie TBH.


7. F’REAL.


8. Meanwhile, at the Sanders residence…





10. So, Trump said that Hillary has been fighting ISIS for her entire adult life. Uh, what?



11. When Trump said that his temperment was his best asset…


12. Doing the impossible.


13. But somebody’s gotta do it, right?


14. When the debate gets too buck and the moderator is nowhere to be found…


15. Oh, so THAT’S what the moderator was up to.


16. That awkward moment when Trump basically admitted he didn’t pay taxes.





18. Obama’s just like…


19. You mean this isn’t a dark comedy?


20. Every. Day.


21. This was literally the entire debate.


22. Exclusive photo of me at the end of the night.


23. So, when did the reality hit for you guys?




Did you watch the debate? What did you think of it? Tell us in the comments!

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