18 Super Creepy Zipper Halloween Makeup Looks That Will Scare Everyone

If I were to ask you what the creepiest Halloween items are, a zipper probably wouldn’t make the list. Spiders, bats, black cats, cauldrons, and severed hands would be named, but a zipper? Nah. A zipper seems like a fairly innocuous object. The worst thing that has ever probably happened to you involving a zipper is a bit of trapped hair or a split coat. Nothing too bad, right? However, zippers can actually make some of the creepiest Halloween looks around.

You add a zipper to any bloody Halloween makeup look and it somehow becomes ten times creepier. There’s something about “peeling” away some flesh using a zipper to reveal another layer of blood, guts, and gore that gives you goosebumps just thinking about it. Zipper Halloween looks are the next level of your split personality costume.

Go hit up your local craft store for a zipper then grab your makeup products to start practicing one of these creepy zipper Halloween makeup ideas. They’re guaranteed to freak out your friends and family.

Bloody Mess Zipper

So. Much. Blood. This is super effective, as well as super creepy. You might think that you need to be a special effects master to recreate it, but all you really need is a zipper, something to attach it with, and some fake blood. Then go and make a mess all over your face.


Skeleton Zipper

This zipper layer goes deep, man. It goes all the way to the bone. If you've done a skeleton look and what to tweak it, add your zipper. Choose a zip with chunky teeth so they will still be visible against the black and white makeup.


Gory Tan Zipper

There are a lot of different looks you can create with just some fake blood and a zipper. This one places the zipper opening over the mouth and neck. There's also something eerie about a zipper that is in a similar shade as your skin.


Devil Zipper

What's hiding under that zipper isn't just flesh, it is a devil. Forget about unleashing your inner devil, with this look, you are unzipping them. If you've got an old devil horn headband, repurpose it for this idea.


Zipper Eye

If you have a thing about eyes, look away now. This one is not for the squeamish. It goes to show you that even a small about of exposed red flesh can do a spoooook-tacular job.


Bloody Zipper

The zipper might not actually be the grossest thing in this look. That chest wound, the bloody tears, and that mouth are up there on the list. This will be the costume that will give people nightmares.


  Ghoulish Zipper

You don't need three quarters of your face to be ~*unzipped*~ for it to make a statement. This is just the beginning of the spooky transformation on the left side of her face, but it is enough. I'm not staring at that red lip, I'm staring at the smokey black eye and ghostly skin.


  Robot Zipper

Flesh, bone, and blood are the things we expect to find under skin, but gears and circuits? Now that is a surprise. This goes to show you that you don't need a head-to-toe costume to create a cyborg look.


Zipper Eyes and Mouth

That mouth, though. If you thought that your mouth was big before, just imagine what it would look like with this makeup. You'll have a creepy grin bigger than the Cheshire Cat's.


Gory Details Zipper

This looks pretty intense close up, but it also looks just as intense from far away. Hands up if you're tempted to give this poor person a towel and some wound treatment?


Multicolored Leopard Zipper

It's always a surprise to see what is hiding under a zipper. In this case, it is multicolored leopard skin. That doesn't sound like it would be the scariest thing, but somehow with a zipper, it is.


Two Zipper Looks

What's better than one zipper look? Two, of course. If you're looking for a non-cheesy couple's costume, this is a brilliant option. Having bae do the opposite skeleton makeup look as you will make your Instagrams even better.


Next-Level Skeleton

If you're really looking to up your Halloween makeup game, try something like this. The bony cheekbones add another freaky touch to a skeleton zipper look.


Zipper Teeth

Where are the teeth? Is that the tongue? And what is going on with the lips? You cannot look away from this makeup. You want to, but you can't.


Double Zipper Eyes

If you think one zipper eye is crazy, get ready, because this look has two of them. This makeup had a pretty vibe thanks to the sparkly eyelashes and the glitter lips. When you added in the blood and zip, it took on a whole different feel.


Bloodied Neck And Zipper

There is a lot going on here. If these were actual wounds, she would need a doctor ASAP. That neck gash looks as bad as whatever is going on with the eye. Thankfully, this is just some very convincing makeup.


Skeleton Mouth Zipper

There are countless skeleton makeup looks, and there are countless zipper looks. So, of course there are countless skeleton zipper looks. This one brings attention to your boo-tiful mouth.


 Zipper Two-Face  

Ouch. I don't know what exactly happened here, but all I know is that it doesn't look good. The addition of the black in the blood gives the creepy Halloween makeup a scab-like vibe. Even if you skip the colored contact, this is still going to turn heads.


Have you ever tried a zipper Halloween makeup look? Let us know in the comments!

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