15 Things You Definitely Need To Stay Witchy Year Round

Halloween’s coming, and that means pumpkin spice everything, costumes, black cats, and, of course, embracing your witchy side. Everyone’s introduction to witches and magic was probably Harry Potter, but even before that, witches were and are a classic Halloween staple. In fact, they’re pretty much everywhere but we don’t talk about them that often. Not in a real way at least. They’re cool if you like them, but actually walking around and being a witch is a different, sometimes taboo story.

For that taboo, I’d like to thank the Salem witch trials for aligning witches with Satan worship and evil.

But you don’t need to focus on the morbid side of witches to appreciate them. When you love all things witchy, it’s hard to deny your magic side. Especially during Halloween! It’s witchy girl Christmas! It’s important to have a sense of humor about it. If you didn’t have a spiritual crisis or freak out reading or watching Harry Potter, there’s no reason to embark in a lifestyle change with your personal witch journey. Give your inner Hermoine a hug and get witchy this fall. Tis the season… and that season is every season and every day, if you’re being real. These are 15 key things every witch-loving girl needs to have.

1) Let’s start with the basics: a Basic Witch shirt.


Because puns, off the shoulder, and calling a spade a spade. What’s not to love about this shirt?

Get this from Etsy for $22.95.

2) A Wednesday Addams dress.


Subtle, yet on the nose. Say it without SAYING IT and wear a Wednesday Addams dress year round. It’s perfect for fall, classic tbh, and just the right amount of witchy.

Get it from Dolls Kill for $62.

3) A witchy tote bag for carrying around your crystals and spell books.


Or your bullet journal and cell phone, whichever comes first. Witchy or not, you can’t knock this awesome design.

Get it from Society6 for $22.

4) Rock some best friend witch pins with this “Good Witch/Bad Witch” set or wear them both and let the world debate your moral compass.


(Sings: “I love bad witches that’s my _____ problem…“)

Get it from Last Craft for $9.

5) Plain and simple, these are shorts that say “Creepy” on the butt.


You don’t need to listen to Welcome To Night Vale (though you def should) in order to appreciate the creepy/cute quality of these shorts. Do you remember when sweats and shorts used to say everything on the butt? Early 2000’s trends are coming back, just saying. You might want to get on this.

Get it from Welcome To Night Vale via Topatoco for $25.

6) A must for any practicing witch: have sage on hand to “smudge” your space.


Smudging is when you burn sage to clear and cleanse the energy whether it’s for personal use or to cleanse your home/room. Be careful if you have allergies, though, because this is pungent.

Get three different varieties from Earth Shift for $7.49.

7) If you overuse the crystal ball emoji, you might be a witch, so wear these earrings.


The crystal ball emoji may as well be another punctuation mark to you, if we’re being honest.

Get these studs from Etsy for $6.

8) All of the candles!


You’re going to need them. Witches and candles go together like macaroni and cheese.

Get all of these multi-purpose ritual candles from Etsy for $4.94.

9) You’re going to need some crystals for every occasion.


Crystals come from the earth, and since being a witch is all about tapping in to mother nature’s divine powers, you don’t need to do much to super charge these crystals with meaning.

Get this beginners set from Etsy for $24.

10) Learn tarot with this classic deck.


You don’t have to be an expert to do tarot. Most decks come with a booklet of what the cards mean.

Get this deck from Trouva for $26.40.

11) Or if you want direct answers in your daily life, and tarot’s a little *too* witchy, try angel/oracle cards.


Basically, how they work is you pull a for an answer after you ask a question. Again, this comes with a booklet that tells you how to use the deck.

Get this deck from Target for $12.19.

12) Splurge on a custom dream catcher to align your energy while you sleep.

Answer a new client questionnaire and get a custom dream catcher made for what you want with the crystals that you need. Handmade and lovely, basically, everything a glamorous witch could ever want or need.

Order yours here for $60 from Christian T. Berry.

13) Nothing screams “I’M A WITCH!” like a bold, purple pout.


I live by Stila’s matte liquid lipstick – totally worth the splurge, in my opinion. This shade is called “Como” and it’s witchy and perfect.

Gets yours online at Ulta.com for $24.

14) If you’re into speaking to ghosts and potentially letting spirits loose in your house, have fun with a Ouija board.


Yes, I know it’s a board game, but don’t underestimate the power of a board game when the game at hand is “communicate with the spirit world.”

Get yours on Amazon for $17.88.

15) Of course, do your homework, know your roots, and don’t appropriate when you have the option to educate yourself: read The Spiral Dance by Starhawk.


Not to belittle the very real, valid religion of Wicca: if you’re really and truly curious about being Wiccan, read up via this book. It’s also just a good read, in general, so pick up a copy.

Get this book on Amazon for $13.27.

Do you love all things witchy? Do you especially lean into it on Halloween? What are your favorite mystical things? Let us know in the comments!

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