16 Hilariously Punny DIY Halloween Costumes

The air is getting cooler, the leaves are changing, and pumpkin-spiced everything is in stores everywhere. That’s right, fall has officially arrived. Along with going to football games, buying lattes instead of iced coffee, and transitioning into a fall wardrobe, the arrival of fall also means that a very important holiday is right around the corner: Halloween.

Every year I tell myself I’m going to start planning my costume early, and every year I fail. There are always easy go-tos for people who wait until the last minute: witch, cat, princess…but those are pretty boring. Some people take the Mean Girls approach, where Halloween is all about getting away with dressing provocatively. Some people want to scare the living daylights out of you. And then there are the clever ones. Dress up like one of these funny puns and be the wittiest person at the party!
1. Deviled egg:

We are pun-ny and yummy ? Happy Halloween! #gingerbreadman #deviledegg

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You can purchase a pre-made costume from a Halloween store, or save your $$ for candy and get thrifty. Glue a large yellow circle onto a big white t-shirt, or go the route above by hanging a posterboard from your neck. Top it with a set of devil horns and you’re a sinfully delicious appetizer.

2. Ceiling fan:

Our spirit will blow you away #ceilingfans #wearesopunny

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Bust out those pom poms and your engage your sense of team spirit to cheer on ceiling! If you want to get fancy you can get a shirt screen printed, or you use iron-on letters or even fabric pens to create your own.

3. French toast:

#happyhalloween, y'all! #frenchtoast #PunnyHalloween

A photo posted by shontemarie (@shontemarie) on

Bonjour, mademoiselle. Though French toast is delicious, dipping yourself in egg yolk and smothering yourself in syrup would be pretty messy. Instead, don a beret and carry a baguette. Bon appétit!

4. Hawaiian Punch:

Partner up with your bestie or your boo to make this costume a hit (another pun!). One of you can dress for a luau in a grass skirt, Hawaiian shirt, and leis, while the other gets ready for a night in the ring with boxing gloves and an attitude. You can carry around a jug of the sugary red drink to really drive the point home.

5. Dunkin Donuts:

Sigma Food with these beauties #dunkindonuts #HawaiianPunch #gingerbread

A photo posted by Kelbi Rae Culwell (@kelbi_rae) on

Represent your favorite college or NBA basketball team—or borrow a jersey from that point guard in school you’ve been crushing on—and inflate a donut inner tube for this clever, sporty costume. As the girl to the right demonstrates, you can also rock the Hawaiian Punch costume on your own!

6. Pig in a blanket:

My full costume this weekend. #piginablanket #halloweekened #creativecostumesarethebest

A photo posted by Renee Murphy (@rmurphy31) on

Wear pink. Put on a pig nose and ears. Drape a blanket around your shoulders. You’ll be cute and cozy, so it’s a win-win, especially if the weather is on the cold side.

7. Holy cow:

When in doubt, pun it out. #ohdeer #holycow #piginablanket

A photo posted by Abby (@abbydrews) on

Purchase a cow costume, or get creative with black and white clothing. Top it off with a fun angel halo—you can easily DIY your own for some crafty fun. If you want to take it a step further, carry around a bible and offer to bless people, then say “Mooooo” when they agree. (Bonus points if you’ve got some friends to go as “oh dear” and a “pig in a blanket.”)

8. Spice Girls:

The Baby/Ginger/Posh/Sporty/Scary costume is so ’90s. Give it a twist by dressing up as salt/pepper/oregano/parsley/thyme, or whatever spices you prefer. Bonus points if you still sing Spice Girls hit songs.

9. Fantasy football:

Um so you're a Patriots wizard?? #isitthathardtoget #fantasyfootballcostume #halloween diycostumes #homemade #football @ashmucc

A photo posted by Christina Arsenault (@c_arsenault) on

If you prefer football over basketball, spruce up your favorite team jersey by adding a wizard hat and wand. Cast spells on people using football terminology. This costume is sure to be a touchdown.

10. One Direction:

Happy Halloween! I'm #OneDirection (; #halloween #dailygrace #costumepun

A photo posted by Angel Rose (@angelconnn) on

RIP Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn. In memoriam, you could get four of your girl friends together and dress up as the boy band. Or you could take the simple route by drawing a compass rose on a t-shirt and picking one direction to label. You should probably still belt out “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” throughout the day, though, just to be safe.

11. Social butterfly:

Take this term literally—wear butterfly wings and print out logos from all of your favorite social media platforms to pin on your costume. Don’t forget to document your night on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Vine.

12. Spelling bee:

So nerdy chic. Take a bee costume (yes, they even make “sexy” bee costumes) and attach letters or words. Bonus points if you conduct conversations by spelling out all of your words.

13. Cereal killer:

Because there is nothing like killing some cereal. #cerealkiller #psycho #fancydress

A photo posted by Lisa-Jade Collins (@lisajadecollins) on

You’ve probably seen this one before, but it’s still funny. Attach mini cereal boxes to your body and carry a (fake) murder weapon around. Don’t use too much fake blood, that stuff is sticky.

14. Monkey business:

#happyhalloween! #monkeybusiness #punnyhalloween #pun #nobodygetsit

A photo posted by Megan (@megan_nieds) on

If you don’t want to drop the $$ on a full blown monkey suit, wear your best business getup with monkey ears and a tail. Whenever anyone asks you a question, do your best monkey impression. This will definitely go over well in class.

15. Blackmail

Always sorting stamps.

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Wear all black. Cover yourself in stamps. Make vague threats to all of your friends about exposing their secrets.

16. Blue Ivy:

Buy some of that plastic ivy from the craft store and spray paint it blue. Weave it into a headband and around your body. Complete the costume by pairing up with a couple who dress as Beyonce and Jay Z. Power family!

What do you think of these costumes? Would you wear any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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