15 Of The Funniest Memes About Being Single AF

There are many things in this world that are very hard for me to believe. It is hard for me to believe that Brad and Angeline (nee “Brangelina) are getting a divorce. It is equally hard for me to believe that you still have to ask for a bathroom pass to use the restroom in a high school in 2016. It is hard for me, also, to believe that Jaden Smith exists at all, let alone that I managed to exist in the same timeframe as him.

Today, it is insane to me, truly, that I have not yet done this post on the best memes about single people. I am a person who both loves memes and happens so be single (a correlation that may, in fact, have a tiny hint of causation), so I am particularly attuned to theses memes on single people. Anyway, as you probably already know, there are some really great memes about being single AF. Check them out here: 

1. Well, here we go:


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2. So rude!!

Hahahaha #singleprobs

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3. Well, there is a bright side:


4. Hehehehe:


5. I’m sure you can relate:

#damn #true #singleaf #dryassphone #lol #iknowmattfunk

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6. K:

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7.But like…you’re not going to change yourself for anyone:



8. Probably:


9. Relatable?


10. Relatable:


11. I mean, maybe you have (understandably) brought it upon yourself:

…and u have to show him this meme so he doesn't get mad at u for it

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12. Don’t despair–if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be:



13. Here’s some, uh, inspiration:

14. Ah, yes. Same:


15. And, uh. Extremely same:

What do you think of these memes? Which one is your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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