11 Adorable Ways To Upcycle Teacups

I know that fancy, antique teacups aren’t normally laying around your house collecting dust, but hear me out: teacups are ADORABLE, and surprisingly easy to find. You can raid your grandparent’s basement (my grandma used to collect them, so I have so dozens) or head to your local antique or thrift store to pick up some cheap ones (like, $1 cheap). They come in so many pretty designs and patterns.  You can even just use put them around your room without doing any upcycling to them and they would look so cute. But, since this is an upcycling post, I obviously have to show you all of the best ways to DIY your teacups. 

Even if you are not super crafty, there are some really easy things that will give your teacups some new life. I mean, you could totally just use them for actual tea, but there’s the creativity in that?! Making cute things with teacups will make your room look both classy and whimsical, like you’re living in an Alice In Wonderland story. So take a look at these projects and try some out! You’ll be surprised how many things you can do with teacups!

1.Make your own teacup candle.



A super adorable way to get some light in your room. It’s also a really simple DIY- all you need is the candle, a wick and wax.


2. Or make a super easy hanging candle.



This is a much cuter alternative to hanging lights in your room. Be sure to be careful when lighting them, though.


3. Liven up your room with teacup planters.



An easy way to add some ~life~ to your room is to add some plants. They will look so cute planted in a teacup!


4. Use a teacup as a pin cushion.



If you’re really into DIY stuff, you probably sew a lot, which will make this pushpin cushion a lifesaver to keep your pins and needles.


5. Use them to hold your jewelry.



This upcycling project is pretty easy, since you don’t have to do anything to the teacups. All you need to do is store your earrings, rings or other jewelry pieces in them and you’ll never loose track of them again!


6. Store your jewelry in a teacup sculpture.



If you want to try a super unique DIY, try to hot glue some teacups together to create a one-of-a-kind sculpture that can hold your earrings or other little items like bobby pins or hair ties.


7. Bake a teacup cupcake!



It’s called a cupcake, so you might as well make it in a cup, right? If you’re into baking, try this out. It’s cute and would make a sweet gift too.


8. In addition to holding jewelry, you can also use them to hold makeup.



An easy way to organize your makeup brushes, mascara or any other items  is to put them in some tea cups. You can keep everything neat by having one teacup for each type of item. Example: one cup with just eyeliner, one with just brushes, etc.


9. Use teacup handles to make a heart necklace.



Honestly, how smart is this? All you have to do is glue two handles together for a super cute necklace that will totally make a statement.


10. If you’re really ambitious, try making a hanging teacup chandelier.



This is a pretty tough DIY, but the end result is an amazing teacup light that will make your room look super unique.


11. Make a beautiful teacup mosaic.



If you’re clumsy (like me) you’ve probably dropped a few teacups or mugs in your life. Don’t throw them out! You can make a super cute mosaic out of those old shards. Be careful, they’re pretty sharp.


Are you going to try and of these upcycling projects? Tell us in the comments!

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