11 Style Rules Girls With Small Boobs Should Definitely Break

If I read almost any style guide about small boobs, I know that I’m going to see the word “enhance” at least three times. Use this bra to enhance your chest, choose this neckline to enhance what your mama gave you, yadda yadda yadda. While it is fun to play around with different clothing shapes, you shouldn’t feel like there is anything wrong with your chest and that you need to enhance it. Contrary to popular belief, small boobs don’t need to be made bigger in order for you to look good – so why do so many style rules make it seem that way?

Having small boobs can be a great thing. Yes, there are some challenges that you’ll come across when you’re shopping, but every single body type has issues finding clothes that work for them (Unfortunately, they have yet to design clothes that morph to all of our unique body shapes when we put them on). If you have small boobs, don’t feel that you need to “pump ’em up.” Instead, show off your flatter chest. Your tatas are made for crop tops, strapless style, and triangle bikinis.

If you want to enhance your girls, that’s cool. It’s completely your choice what you want (or don’t want) to do with your boobs. If all of the talk about style rules is making you feel overwhelmed about the prospect of getting dressed in the morning, I’m here to make it easier for you. These are the style rules that girls with small boobs should break.

1. Wear a padded bra.


Nah. You don’t need that padding in there, girl. TBT, it looks ridiculous most of the time. You might not even need a bra to begin with, so don’t feel pressured to wear one. If you do want some support, an unwired bra or one without molded cups is as good as anything else.


2. Choose bright colors to draw attention to your chest.


If you are a lover of black, black, and black, stick with your color palette. No one should change their personal style just to enhance something people think you should.


3. Avoid strapless styles.


The oh-so-confusing style rules say that strapless tops are perfect for those with smaller chests, yet the rules also say that said tops don’t do much to enhance your boobs. My advice? If you like that strapless top and it fits, wear it. That’s a less confusing thing to live by, don’t you think?


4. Choose ruffles.


Ruffles are supposed to be a ~*clever*~ thing that makes your girls appear bigger. Yeah, they’re drawing the eye to the chest area, but they’re not making your boobs look bigger. What they’re really drawing attention to is the fabric they’re made out of. If you like ruffles, wear them. If you think they make you look like a wedding cake, leave ’em alone.


5. Skip the plunging necklines.


Why is there some rule that says plunging necklines only work if you have eye-popping cleavage? A plunging neckline is actually better for those of us with flatter chests because there is less likelihood of boob spillage. Go on and rock that deep V like it is nobody’s business.


6. Tone down your bottom half.


There’s no need to ditch that fun skirt just because someone says that the focus should be on your upper half of your body to boost your girls. The focus should be on your entire look. If you like the bold piece, wear it. It shouldn’t matter what it is.


7. Wear horizontal stripes.


If you love a classic Breton top, load your wardrobe up with all of the striped tees you can find. If you’re only wearing those stripes because you think your A cup should look more like a D, ditch them. Go on a rock vertical or diagonal stripes, or nix them altogether.


8. Choose form-fitting styles.


Somewhere in the unofficial fashion rule book it talks about wearing form-fitting clothes so people can actually see that you have a chest. Don’t want people to know? Or don’t care? Select whatever type of top you feel comfortable with. If it’s an oversized one that swallows you up, go for it.


9. Add some embellishment.


If you love yourself some bling, then go on and shine bright like a diamond. However, don’t feel obligated that you have to decorate your chest like a Christmas tree to enhance it.


10. Select empire waist tops.


Apparently you should have a seam under your boobs to make them look as big as possible. Not into the idea? Nix the top. Besides, those seams can get itchy sometimes. 


11. Try a pair of cutlets.

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No, no, no. No one needs to think that they need to add anything to their chest. That includes padding, socks, and something that is named after a piece of chicken.


What other style rules do you ignore? Let us know in the comments!

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