13 Halloween Costumes You Can Create Using A Black Dress

A black dress just might be the most versatile thing you have in your closet. Yeah, there is something to be said about jeans and button-down blouses, but they simply don’t cut it next to your LBD. The right black dress can be worn from school to date night, and everything in between. That dress is so versatile that it can even be the basis for some brilliant Halloween costumes.

If you’re worried that I’m going to tell you to start cutting up your go-to dress, don’t worry, I’m not. These Halloween costumes allow your LBD to shine as is. There is no shredding, ripping, or cutting involved here. If you do want to do that, I suggest you buy a second dress because the ~*perfect*~ black dress is hard to come by.

Grab your favorite frock and your accessories, and check out 13 DIY Halloween costumes that use your beloved wardrobe staple.

Three Blind Mice

Make your black dress costume a group affair. Grab two friends and become the three blind mice in coordinating black outfits. Easy peasy.


Audrey Hepburn

What fashion girl doesn't want to be Holly Golightly? Even if you channel her every day, make it extra special for Halloween with this costume. Dress up your black dress with long gloves and multiple strands of pearls. If you can find a Tiffany's box, carry that around, too.


Posh Spice

When we think of Posh Spice, we think about the black dress and her smize. If you've got a strapless black dress, you can whip up this costume in literally seconds. To turn it into a zig-a-zig-ahhhmazing group costume, get your four BFFs involved to be the other Spice Girls.


Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams is a fashion icon for many. Even if you are inspired by her on most days, you can still take thing to a new level for Halloween. Give your LBD a schoolgirl vibe with tights and lace-up shoes. Then braid your hair into pigtails.



You can never go wrong with classic Halloween costumes, and you cannot get more classic than a witch. Ditch the sweaty polyester costume for your LBD. If you want billowy sleeves but your dress don't have them, just wear a flowy coat on top.



Forget the uncomfortable catsuit. A black dress is the purrrrrrrfect alternative for a cat costume. It's up to you if you want to add a tail.


Black Sheep

Get it? This costume is cute, creative, and so simple to do. Grab your black dress, a bottle, and a cute sheep hat. Sometimes it is good to be a little baaaaaaad.


Black Swan

There are some really intense Black Swan Halloween costumes out there. You don't need to invest in a feathered tutu to get the look. Just add a tulle skirt on top of your dress. And don't forget the dramatic makeup.


Cruella de Vil

We think about Cruella de Vil's furry coat and hair, but underneath all of that is a simple black dress. Pick up a furry jacket at a vintage stop. Then try to convince bae to be one of your 101 Dalmatians.



If you don't have a fringed black dress, don't worry. You can still create a flapper look with any LBD. Just add a feather boa, headband, and some pearls. And try and do the Charleston periodically throughout the night.



Why pay for a maid costume when you can DIY one with your LBD? Wear a white blouse under your dress and throw an apron over top. If you want to make it specific, you can put a spooky twist on it like with this American Horror Story version.


Mean Girls Mouse

I'm a mouse, duh! Channel the classic Mean Girls costume by adding a pink ribbon to your LBD. And you cannot forget your mouse ear headband. Otherwise, what would people think you're dressing up as?



A long-sleeved black dress is really the only piece you need to transform yourself into Morticia Addams. Don't worry if your dress is long or short. Just focus on making your makeup and hair as fierce as Morticia's.


Have you ever worn a black dress for Halloween before? Let us know in the comments!

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