18 DIY Movie Character Couples Costumes For Halloween No One Else Will Think Of

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, couples costumes can very often be… well, the worst. A lot of the most popular ideas out there are cliche, sappy, and kind of boring, especially when they’re based on characters from pop culture. The bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein? Yawn. Mario and Luigi? Cool, you guys are “fun nerds,” we get it. Romeo and Juliet? Ugh, please don’t. Adam and Eve? Yes, we already know you guys are hot – you don’t need to cover yourself in only leaves to remind us. A ball and chain? How funny. Ha ha. Luke and Princess Leia? I’m sleeping. But what if you want to defy the odds and wear a matching couples costume based on a movie that isn’t tired? Are there any options left?

I’m happy to say that there are – it just takes a little bit of time and effort to make them unique and clever. It’s not that you suck at Halloween if you do or have done any of the above examples – it’s just that you’re so much better than that! Show off the connection between you and bae, get a great Instagram photo, AND become literal #RelationshipGoals with these cute DIY movie character couples costumes that no one else will think of. Or, okay, maybe some other people have thought of them, clearly, but you know what I mean.

Which one of these couples costumes is your favorite idea? What did we forget to include? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Kate Eldridge

    More non heterosexual couples costumes!