12 Nail Contouring Looks You Have To Try Now

As everyone knows, innovation in America is present in only two things: beauty techniques and the various ways teens on the internet choose to insult and/or woo their celebrity crushes. I will not be providing any examples of the celebrity wooing today because, as everyone knows, Gurl is a site that is focused on modesty above all else, but you can check out Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter account if you would like to see some. But the beauty industry has really given us so much to work with–there are apps for beauty, beauty products that look like things you can eat, and, my personal favorite, beauty products that don’t actually do anything, but have sufficient packaging and aesthetic effects for you to be totally obsessed with them anyway. The latest beauty innovation? Nail contouring.

I am always thrilled when I hear of fresh news in the contour community because I, personally, will not rest until I have the power to contour every single part of my body, as well as my internal organs. But this trend, which most people first noticed at New York Fashion Week in early September, is actually not as ridiculous and time-consuming as some other contouring trends like leg contouring or full-body contouring. In most cases, all it involves is painting a straight line down the center of the nail, either with one color and a clear base coat or two different shades, which creates a sort of highlight effect to make it appear longer. And that’s it! It’s pretty low-maintenance and definitely something you can do at home. So, check out these cool nail contouring techniques and see if it’s a trend for you:

1. You can try a clear base coat and black stripe, like the manicure the models at Vera Wang’s show wore:


2. See? Simple:


3. You can also try it with a thinner metallic stripe–try nail tape for this one to make your lines extra-straight:


4. For a bolder look, go with these pink-and-blue stripes from the Gucci show:

dreaming about @gucci FW16 pink fur ??? @flossgloss "perf" will do for now!

A photo posted by Holly Falcone Nails (@dollydayinn) on


5. Summer’s barely over, so you’ve definitely got time to try out this creamsicle-inspired look:


6. This is another summer look that’s so pretty that no one will fault you for going a little off-season–just do a white base and stripe of bright color:

Yesterday's bomb #mani by @misspopnails at the @ClairesStores preview #clairesforestfestival

A photo posted by Lara Eurdolian (@prettyconnected) on


7. You can also try a more subtle look with nude polish and a streak of highlighter:


8. Feeling trendy AF? Not afraid of fake nails? Paint some almond-shaped false nails with purple and black:

Bts on set today with @katgrahampics @brettrutt @ericraydavidson !! love this metallic side French on Kat #stephstonenails

A photo posted by steph stone (@stephstonenails) on


9. Or this look–peach and a white outline on fake nails–if ya nasty:


10. Also, you can just try two shades of the same color–it’s subtle but still definitely noticeable:


11. You know how when your nails grow out from a manicure, but you’re too lazy to remove it, so there’s just a patch of your actual nails between the polish and your nails? Well, do that, but make it fashion–paint a small sliver of your nail with a shimmery color, then paint the rest of it with another color:


12. Anyway, nail contouring! It’s a thing. A cool thing. Try it out now! If you want:

Flaunt nails @stephstonenails

A photo posted by BELLA (@bellathorne) on

What do you think of nail contouring? Which of these looks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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