11 Signs Your Significant Other’s Best Friend Has A Crush On You

Even if you don’t want to admit it because you don’t want to jinx anything or get your hopes up, you know the signs someone gives off if they have a crush on you. They laugh at all of your jokes even if they don’t make sense, they blush and look away when you catch them looking at you, they tease you in a playful manner, and they are somehow always where you are. These are all great things to notice! But what if you’re in a relationship, and you start to notice these things from someone who isn’t your significant other? Even worse, what if it’s your significant other’s best friend? It happens! Just watch Love Actually! Kidding, sort of, but for real – if you suspect your bae’s BFF has a crush on you, it could definitely be true.

Being in the middle of a love triangle is never easy, especially if you really don’t want to be there. It’s not only awkward and confusing, but it can be really, really painful, and can even ruin friendships. That’s why suspecting a crush coming from your S.O.’s friend is so tricky. You don’t want to jump to conclusions and say something you can’t take back that will ruin everything, but you also don’t want to pretend to ignore things and then fall into some sort of weird middle that could potentially really hurt your bae. Plus, doesn’t your boo have the right to know if their bestie wants to make a move on you? Okay, slow down. First, let’s make sure it’s even true! Here are some signs that your S.O.’s best friend has a crush on you.

They Text You/Call You Just To Talk

You're dating their best friend, so you've become one of their friends, too. But it seems like they've started to talk to you more than their own best friend. Half the time they're texting or calling just to say "hey" and the other half it's to make plans for your crew - but couldn't they go to their best friend for that? If they're choosing to come to you first, they might be avoiding your boo in order to get to you.

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They Compliment You All The Time

Sure, they're nice! But they notice things about you even your significant other doesn't, like when you part your hair on the other side, or wear a new pair of jeans, or use a different kind of perfume. It can be flattering, but it can also mean they're paying too much attention to you as a romantic interest rather than a platonic friend.

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They Touch You More Than They Have To

It doesn't have to be obvious - but they always seem to sit next to you when you're hanging out with friends, they hug you every time you say hello or high five you more than necessary, they might even kiss you on the cheek to say goodbye. These things are especially obvious if they don't do them for the other girls in your group.

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Whenever You Get Into An Argument With Bae, They're On Your Side

You expect your friends to be there to support you when you get in a tiff with your SO. But shouldn't the same go for their friends? Instead, their best friend always seems to be on your side, supporting you instead of them, telling them that you're right and they're wrong, maybe even offering you a shoulder to cry on. It might seem to validate your feelings to know that even your SO's best friend is on your side, but it might mean that they're rooting for you for the wrong reasons.

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They Jump At The Opportunity To Hang Out With You

Even when it's not an obvious group hangout, whenever you and bae talk about making plans in front of them, they immediately jump in with a, "Sounds great I'll be there!" They probably suggest hangouts more often than other people in your group, and get upset if you can't make it.

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They Offer To Do Favors For You

They've offered you their hoodie when you're cold, given you rides home when your boo wasn't available, let you borrow cash when you forgot your lunch money at home. On top of their generosity, they don't seem to expect anything in return and are happy just to help you out, but they don't seem so forthcoming when one of their other friends needs a hand.

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Other People Have Thought The Two Of You Are Together

People at school outside of your friend group have actually mistaken the two of you for the couple, instead of the true trio that you, your significant other, and their best friend really are. Outsiders might see something between the two of you that you don't as someone inside of the relationship.

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They've Told You Negative Things About Your SO

You know they're best friends for a reason, but sometimes they tell you things that they probably shouldn't. Sure, everyone needs to vent now and then, even about their own best friend, but you're not the best pick for that. Even if it's not intentional, they might subconsciously be pointing out your SO's flaws so that they look better.

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They Seem Jealous When You Don't Invite Them To Hang Out

If they hear about plans you've made with bae, they automatically assume they're invited. If you explain that it's a one-on-one plan, they seem upset or even jealous that they don't get to come along. While it can be hard to balance friendships and a relationship and they might just feel left out, it's possible they're sad to miss out on the time with you.

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They've Made Questionable Jokes

They may not have said anything outright inappropriate, but there have probably been a few comments that might have insinuated a relationship or flirtation between the two of you. They're quick to laugh it off, but they might be testing out their true feelings without committing to full honesty.

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You Feel Like They're Into You

You don't want to seem like the crazy girlfriend, but if your gut tells you they like you...listen to it. This can definitely put you in an awkward situation because you don't want to ruin their friendship. Whatever you do, don't lead them on. Put space between the two of you—physically and emotionally—and hopefully the crush will fizzle out. Maybe they're just not used to their best friend being with an amazing girl and they want a relationship just like it, but don't necessarily want you. If so, they'll realize that soon enough. If they do like you, hopefully they're good enough friends that they would never make a move on their best friend's girl.

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Have you ever been in this situation where your bae’s best friend liked you? What happened? Share in the comments!


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