9 Key Ways To Tell If You Have Anxiety Or You’re Just Feeling Anxious

You probably know that you can be depressed without having depression and you can feel anxious without having anxiety. But how do you really know? When actual mood disorders and mental health diagnoses are synonymous with real life feelings, things can get confusing. But there are actual ways to tell if you have anxiety or if you’re just feeling anxious. Everybody has anxiety about something sooner or later: it’s a normal human feeling. Life can be stressful, cause us worry, thus bringing up a feeling of anxiety. Typical, par for the course, nothing to sweat about, right? However, when it colors every aspect of your life and is present more often than it’s not, then maybe you can consider that a red flag. In all truth, you might not know what life is like without anxiety or feeling anxious because everything is going through that filter of high stakes and panic. Deep down, you know that’s not normal and it’s possible to have a life without anxiety pressing on your brain constantly, but how?

Since it’s normal to feel anxious from time to time, it’s hard to suss out when it’s a cause for alarm and that it’s time to seek out help. By all means, I am not advocating for self-diagnosis–if you feel like you might have anxiety, please get the help you need from an actual professional. But if you need some validation to treat whatever’s going on in your brain as something real that deserves confronting and healing (it is and it does!), these are nine signs what’s going on in your brain is an anxiety disorder, not you just feeling anxious.

Do you have anxiety? Or are you just anxious sometimes? Did this help you tell the difference? Let us know in the comments!

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