15 Amazing Animal Makeup Tutorials For Halloween

Everybody loves animals. They’re cute, cuddly, and they provide us with hours of entertainment. Just take a look at any viral cat video for proof of that. Animals aren’t just great for amusing us for entire Saturday afternoons as we sit on the computer. They are also great sources of inspiration for Halloween looks. And while throwing on a fuzzy outfit and a pair of ears and maybe a tail is a good start, no animal costume would be complete without some killer makeup. It brings your costume up a few notches and makes the whole thing way more realistic. And it’s just a lot more fun! Plus, if you just want to wear jeans and a tee, or a dress, you can do that if your makeup looks incredible. It can be all you really need, which is great.

Cat and bat costumes are as classic for Halloween as ghosts and pumpkins. However, there are like 12,349,902,292 different animal species that you can draw inspiration from. Why do something tired and cliche when you can do something much more creative? With just a couple of different colors, you can create almost any animal on your face. And again, people will be so impressed with your makeup skills that you can wear pretty much any old thing and they won’t even notice. Sometimes it’s nice to skip the elaborate costume! Take a look at these easy animal makeup tutorials for Halloween inspiration.

1. Forget the irritating mask. Create your own using makeup and some feathers. This owl design looks ahhhmazing, but it isn’t complicated. It’s nothing more than a smokey eye and flicked brushstrokes with some feathers glued on top.

Animal Owl



2. Think of this foxy look as contouring taken to an adorable new level. Sculpted cheeks are extended down then a bit of white and black are added. Don’t forget your fox ear headband.

Animal Fox



3. This tutorial looks grrrrreat. The white and black stripe design will take some time to do, but it’s nothing more than flicked strokes. You can do that, can’t you?

Animal Tiger



4. Grab that black eye pencil and get doodling. The only thing that really needs to be precise is your lil black nose. The spots and freckles don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical shapes. I mean, what leopard’s are?

Animal Leopard



5. Grab some peacock feathers and get busy recreating this makeup mask. The feathers do all of the hard work for you.

Animal Peacock



6. Don’t get hung up about trying to create a totally accurate makeup look. Instead, put your own artistic spin on it. This deer look is proof that when you think outside of the box, you can end up with something magical.

Animal Deer



7. Think animal makeup tutorials require you to be a master painter? Think again. Anyone can do this cute kitty makeup. And that includes you.

Animal CAt



8. There’s no need to cover you entire body in a giraffe print. People will get the gist of your look if you only do you forehead. Forget about the ear headband and twist your hair into two high buns.




9. Don’t just be any old fish. Be a rainbow fish. The yellow lipstick in this is so cool.




10. Is there anything prettier than a butterfly? This monarch butterfly makeup mask is beauty goals.

Animal Butterfly



11. Grab your black and white face paints and get painting. Don’t feel like covering your entire face? This zebra look is the solution.




12. Get a dog look and a Snapchat look in one with these makeup looks. Good luck choosing between the two. I can’t.

dog snap



13. There’s ssssssomething about this look that is so mesmerizing. Even if you ditched the colored contacts, it would still be ssssssuper.

Animal Snake



14. It doesn’t matter whether you call yourself a bear or a teddy bear, what everyone will agree on is that this look is the cutest.

Animal Bear



15. Bees may be small, but they can still make quite an impact. Case in point: This beeutiful makeup look.




What one is your favorite? Have you ever tried an animal makeup look for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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