Quiz: What Kind Of Halloween Costume Should You Wear This Year?

Alert: there is a little over a month until Halloween. This is not a drill. You need to decide what costume you are going to wear. You’ve been thinking about this all year long, but now it’s time to make a decision. What costume style best fits your personality? Are you going to wear a funny, meme-themed costume? Or are you more of a SPOOKY Halloween participant? Should you go the classic sexy route? There are SO many different types of costumes to wear, how are you supposed to pick just one? You need to decide this before you run out of time!!


Well, don’t stress too much, because this quiz is designed to help you pick exactly what you should be wearing this year. Even though a costume is supposed to be something different than your normal, everyday persona, you still want to wear something you will be happy and comfortable in. After all, you will be wearing this thing the whole night, whether you decide to go trick-or-treating or go out to a spooky Halloween party. So take this quiz to find out what you should really be this year!

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