10 Hilariously Embarrassing Makeup Fail Stories That Will Make You Laugh

Figuring out how to apply makeup is a difficult coming-of-age skill. You’re bound to mess up occasionally while learning how to enhance your natural features and play around with different colors and formulas. Sometimes you’re trying to copy someone else on a look that is not doing it for you, you’re putting on way too much eyeliner, or you’ve picked out a foundation that is two shades too dark. Whatever the misstep, it’s all part of growing up. WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE. Makeup fails might seem personal, but they happen, even to celebrities on red carpets with thousands of people mocking them. Remember that the next time you feel upset about it!


I’ve never been good at makeup. My mom’s only lipsticks and eyeshadows were free samples from Clinique that she got when buying her moisturizer, so she wasn’t much help. Whenever I tried to put on eye makeup, it ended up halfway down my face by the end of the day. Friends would come up to me and try to give me makeup tips with a pitying look on their face. I’ve now got a simple routine down, but I’ve had my share of cringe-worthy makeup looks in my day. So, I definitely relate to these… and sympathize.

Here are some embarrassing, true makeup stories from girls on Reddit. They’ll make you cringe, they’ll make you laugh, and they’ll make you feel less alone in the makeup newbie world.

She Wore A Very Obviously Wrong Color Foundation

ohreallee: "One time in fifth grade I decided to wear my mom's liquid foundation to school with nothing else on my face. She's very fair skinned, I'm very olive skinned. I laid that stuff on so thick- covered my lips and my eyebrows. Yes. This is a great look. A girl at school said, 'Um you need a compact.' For whatever reason I thought 'compact' meant 'condom'. I thought she was complimenting me cause I looked SO GOOD."

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She Over-Plucked

extrawhippedcream: "In seventh or eighth grade, I plucked my inner brows because I thought I had a unibrow... Yeah, turns out I way overplucked and ended up with thick, brown eyebrows that started halfway past my eyes. So, naturally, being the brow guru I was, decided to fill them in with black eyeshadow. Just picture an extremely pale twelve year old girl with light brown hair and black, thick, drawn-on tadpole brows. It makes me cringe just looking back."

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She Wore Unblended Powder Out Of The House

c0mbeferre: "A few weeks ago, I tapped powder (NYX Studio HD powder) onto my undereyes and left the house without blending, so I ended up having just tons of white stuff under my eyes. My skin is quite dark, so it was very noticeable."

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She Had A Green Lipstick Fail

astra_sasstra: "I was wearing green lipstick for St. Patrick's Day, and no one bothered to tell me that it got on my teeth. Apparently it looked like salad and everyone assumed it was tightly wedged in my teeth, and I wouldn't be able to get it out. Why did no one realize it was my lipstick. It's on my lips. It's the same color. Why."

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She Went For Bold Lips

era toast: "I really wanted awesome purple lips once, so I tried to use this cool nail polish (similar to OCC Technopagan) that I'd gotten from Claire's.

Don't do that, kids. It burns."

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She Forgot The Mascara

noys: "You know the white lash primers? I once went out to party with only the primer on and no mascara. It wasn't even applied neatly enough to pull it off as a look."

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She Keeps Getting Lipstick On Her Chin

extrasuupervery: "I love lipstick, but I also love burritos, sandwiches, and burgers, so I often end up having a line of lipstick on my chin from where my lips fold back as I eat. The first time it happened, I was perplexed..."

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She Overdid The Powder

mag_cue: "When I first started wearing makeup I thought that finishing powder was foundation and used to pile it on. I remember going to my cousin's wedding and hugging my uncle (the father of the bride). Afterwards there was a bunch of powder on his suit. I felt terrible."

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She Misused Liquid Liner

GymLeaderMisty: "One time I tried tight lining with a liquid liner. In case you're silly like I am and need an explanation why this is a bad idea, it basically spread into my eye. It was like my eye was taken over by a total eclipse. Watching it happen was like a scene from a horror movie and some inky demon was consuming my soul. It took about ten solid minutes to blink it all out of my eye and flush it clean. Didn't hurt thankfully."

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She Tried Red Eyeshadow

Anonymous: "I read in Seventeen Magazine that red eyeshadow was a good way to make blue eyes stand out, so I tried it. People avoided me all day because they thought I had pinkeye. THANKS, SEVENTEEN."

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Have you ever done anything embarrassing with your makeup? Let me know in the comments below!

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