13 Meme Costumes For Halloween 2016 That Will Be Super Overplayed

Ah, memes. What were once just niche inside jokes from people who spent too much time online have now gone mainstream…and still only make sense to people who spend too much time online. Years ago, a journalists wouldn’t have bothered writing up articles about the latest meme, and those memes definitely wouldn’t have gone so viral so quickly. Memes used to have a much longer shelf life. Now? There are think pieces in established publications about memes, people who unintentionally become memes end up on Ellen and scoring college scholarship money, and as quickly as they become hot, memes become old after a week or so, only the truly brilliant ones have any type of longevity.

I sound like a weirdo saying this, but this year has been a primo year for memes–both good and obnoxious–and it’s only natural that they’ll experience their last hurrah of 2016 during Halloween, when thousands of people decide to dress up as them. Check out these 13 memes you’re guaranteed to see in costume form this year, from Joanne the Scammer, to Harambe, to that Mr. Krabs meme that still manages to be funny AF.

Joanne The Scammer

Oh, Joanne. She has really had her come up this year, right? Her costume is probably the most fun to pull off. You can go all the way with a messy wig or opt out of it, but either way you'll need a faux fur white pelt and fake stubble. Make sure you let everyone know that you live for drama.



Okay, so I'm so over this damn gorillahuge this year for Halloween, and maybe it'll be the last time we ever have to deal with his mass appeal ever again. Gorilla masks are easy enough to find at any costume store, though die hard Harambe "fans" will probably go for the full costume.

Cincinnati Zoo

Skai Jackson

After Skai Jackson dragged Azealia Banks on Twitter earlier this year, this meme went from funny to epic overnight. Honestly, this meme is the reason why a lot of people know who Skai Jackson is in the first place, and more power to her, because now more people know just how cool she is.

This costume is pretty easy to pull off as long as you have a blue dress, a long wig, and a place to sit whenever someone asks you who you're supposed to be.


Caveman/Primitive Spongebob

If I was a teenage boy who made a name for myself as the class clown, the only costume I'd want to rock for Halloween would be caveman Spongebob. All you need is a little loin cloth, yellow paint, and an alarmed facial expression. Sure, my butt would be out for all to see and I'd probably be sent home, but it would be so worth it.



You know that cute Gavin kid who became a meme? Okay, you probably know of the meme, but you might be wondering who the hell this Gavin kid is in the first place. He's actually the nephew of Vine celeb Nick Mastodon. When you have a pretty massive online presence, it's only a matter of time before you manage to turn something into a meme, and Gavin just happens to be that something. Dressing up as him would be hard, but I imagine that pleny of people will print out his face and rock it as a makeshift mask. Gets the job done without much effort.


Chewbacca Mask Lady

Oh God...the fact that this woman received scholarship money for her kids for doing nothing but wear a Chewbacca mask and laugh is...both amazing and ridiculous in a world where the woman who created "on fleek" got absolutely nothing. But, hey, for anyone who needs a last minute costume idea, this will get the job done. You might get tired of laughing so much though.


Arthur Fist

Who would have thought that a cartoon aardvark's fist would become a meme? Not me, but anything is possible now. A lot of people have already parodied the meme to create their own versions of it IRL, so it's safe to say that this will probably be a popular Halloween costume for folks who want to offer laughs without trying too hard. All you really need is a yellow sweater, jeans, and a constantly balled up fist. Et voila!


Mr. Krabs

The meme that keeps on giving. Maybe it's just me, but I still think it's pretty funny. The only way I can see this really being pulled off is if someone prints out a giant image of the swirly background and has it attached--in some way--behind their head. Dressing up as Mr. Krabs is harder, but maybe red face paint, a blue shirt, and DIY lobster eyes attached to a headband will do the trick.


Daaaaaaaaaamn Daniel

Remember this one? I guarantee that some seriously lazy dudes who don't want to bother getting dressed up will just throw on a pair of Vans and decide that they're Daniel of "Damn, Daniel!" fame.


Bernie Or Hillary

For the political know-it-alls who yearn for the days when the biggest thing we had to worry about was Bernie vs. Hillary instead of Hillary vs. Trump, this will be a meme that will get it's last laugh for Halloween 2016. This would actually be a really funny couples or BFF costume. Each person could wear a cardboard cut out of each candidate's response and dress up as them, too.


Crying Jordan

If you don't see at least five people wearing print out copies of a crying Michael Jordan this year, then Halloween 2016 is a dud. This meme has been around for a while, but it experienced a revival this year with hilarious results.


Dat Boi

If you don't see at least one person in an all green full body suit attempting to ride a unicycle, then something is seriously wrong. Seriously.


Donald Trump

Halloween is just a week or so before election day, so let's just hope that Halloween solidifies Trump as nothing but a meme instead of, you know, the leader of the free world. Expect a ton of Trump masks and red caps with snarky spins on "Make America Great Again." Let's all hope that October 31, 2016 will be the beginning of the end of this nightmare.


Which of these memes would you HATE to see in costume form? Which do you low key want to dress up as this year? Tell us in the comments!

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