17 Priceless Reactions To Brangelina’s Divorce

This morning, TMZ reported that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie–the Hollywood power couple formerly known as “Brangelina”–is no more. You are already well aware of this fact, I am sure, given that every news and social media outlet has been blaring stories about it all day, but, still. Wow, right? This is such a big deal, I think, because almost everyone feels as though they have some sort of close, personal ties to either the Brad and Angelina relationship and/or Brad’s former relationship with Jennifer Aniston. When I was in seventh grade–at the height of the Brad-Angelina-Jen panic–I asked my mom to buy me one of those “Team Aniston” t-shirts from Hollister, even though I secretly sort of wanted a “Team Jolie” one.  She did not buy me either, which means that this particular experience really has nothing to do with literally anything, but, still, it points to the cultural relevance the couple both once had, and still holds, over the pop culture nexus.

Of course, it should be noted that this divorce in and of itself is not necessarily priceless, per se. It is undoubtedly sad for everyone involved, especially for their kids, and doubly so since it is almost certainly going to be analyzed and discussed in the news for at least seven thousand years (give or take) after this. What is priceless, however, are the tweets about the news. Some, of course, are hyper-hysterical–love is dead, everything is terrible, etc.– while others range on more of a,um, projection level. Jennifer Aniston has been shown as “sippin’  the tea, so to speak, though she would most likely prefer to be excluded from this narrative altogether. In any case, I suspect that your life will go on just as it had before in the face of this news, but, before it does, check out these tweets about Brangelina’s divorce:



2. Also, this:


4. There are allegations that Brad was smoking too much marijuana to you know, do his job as a parent, as well as hooking up with Marion Cotillard. If you were wondering:


5. Bye:


6. Mixed feeling about all of these Jennifer Aniston gifs in response to this news!


7. On one hand, Jen does not need to be dragged into this. Her divorce happened over a decade ago:


8. On the other, these memes are…really great:


9. And often speak for themselves:


10. Hehe:




12. Agreed:


13. Or, just focus on this:


14. Or, uh, this:

15. It is truly the Lemonade Effect:


16. Gorgeous:


17. This is true. No matter how you feel about this exact divorce, I think we can all agree that 2016, and all that it has wrought, must end:

What do you think about this news? Which of these tweets was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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