20 Unique DIY Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Tutorials

I think we can all agree that DC Comics’ Harley Quinn is going to be one of the most popular costumes of Halloween 2016, right? I mean, there were a bunch of Harley’s running around last year, and Suicide Squad hadn’t even come out yet. This year, Suicide Squad is still in theaters, DC just announced that they’re going to make a Harley Quinn movie with Margot Robbie as a producer, and you can’t get away from her image. Plus, however cliche it may become, you can’t deny that Harley makes for an amazing Halloween costume with her sparkly, bold attire, very cool makeup, and sexy-in-a-creepy-way pigtails. The costume is fun, intriguing, and perfect for the holiday.

If you can’t resist dressing as Harley Quinn this year, at least do yourself a favor and put your costume together yourself instead of buying something like this, which costs $100 for NO REASON and doesn’t even include some of the key parts of the costume, meaning you’ll have to spend even more money to complete it. There are so many Harley Quinn costume and cosplay tutorials out there that making something yourself, or piecing together store-bought pieces with homemade pieces, is easier than ever.

Of course, you also can’t forget the incredible makeup and hair tutorials for Harley’s look. You can’t put on red and blue sparkly shorts and hold a baseball bat without Harley’s on-point makeup. Below are some tutorials on how to be Harley Quinn this Halloween:

1. This tutorial includes everything you need: hair, makeup, and costume. 




2. If you’re going for a more “traditional” Batman/Harley Quinn look, make this hammer as an accessory:




3. If you’re doing the Suicide Squad Harley look, here’s how to make her infamous shirt:




4. You can even make sure your look is totally Harley Quinn down to your shoes with this simple tutorial:




5. If you don’t want to put color in your hair, or your hair isn’t long and/or blonde, try DIYing a wig to make it look like Harley’s hair. Here’s how:




6. Or, if you’re going to do the look with your own hair, here’s how to make it work:




7. Get a super authentic costume with this tutorial.




8. Going for the old-school Harley look? This eye makeup tutorial is perfect:




9. Do an adorable BFF costume as Harley Quinn and The Joker.




10. Or do it with your boyfriend.




11. This red lip tutorial wasn’t created for Harley Quinn, but it goes perfectly. 




12. Get Harley’s Suicide Squad look with this simple makeup tutorial:




13. Or opt for something darker and creepier, like this look which seems like a hybrid of Harley and The Joker.




14. You can do the cool Harley Quinn eye makeup with the spooky Joker mouth too. 




15. Or use the whitest powder you can find and add some red glitter for something different, yet obviously still Harley inspired.




16. Harley obviously doesn’t look flawless all the time. This beat up smeared makeup tutorial is perfect for Halloween. 




17. If you’re doing old-school Batman Harley, this tutorial is what you need:




18. And this Harley Quinn Suicide Squad look is easy and authentic. 




19. Don’t forget about Harley’s bat as an accessory!




20. Want to wear Harley’s little blue and red shorts? here’s how to make them:

Which one of these Harley Quinn tutorials are you going to try? What’s the coolest one? Share in the comments.
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