26 Perfect Times Celebrities Shut Down Sexist Interview Questions

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a post rounding up flawless celebrity responses to sexist reporter questions. As much as I hope I didn’t have to add onto that, I do. In the months since, reporters have continued to ask female celebrities absurd and sexist questions, and males sexist questions about their fellow females. The good news? Perhaps inspired by the women before them and the Internet’s “hell yes” response to the sassiness, celebrities (both male and female) have become more bold and honest. They aren’t afraid to talk back to a reporter or to call them out for sexism – and the result is a whole bunch of perfect responses calling out press.

If you’ve ever watched the footage of an awards show red carpet, you’ve heard the questions we’re referring to – “Who are you wearing?” and “How do you stay in such great shape?” and “What’s your secret for ~having it all?~” As a former Us Weekly intern who used to go to red carpets and interview celebrities, I do have some sympathy for some of the reporters. Many red carpet reporters are interns or freelancers who rely on the gigs to make money and have their dream job. They are very often told exactly what they have to ask by someone higher up than them, and then if they don’t ask it, they can get in trouble or even fired. I also understand where the question “Who are you wearing?” usually comes from. Designers usually make custom dresses for A+ actresses, and because of that, they expect publicity. One way to get it is to have reporters ask the celebrity who they’re wearing, which ensures that the designer gets a shout out.

So, in some ways, the background makes sense. But that still doesn’t mean it’s fair. While women get questioned on their outfits, their makeup, and their workout regimes, men get deeper questions about their film roles and their careers. Men are also given suits from designers who want publicity – so why aren’t they asked about them? Men, too, work hard to keep their bodies in shape in Hollywood. So why aren’t they asked about the gym? Of course, they sometimes are – but women get asked these things much more often, and get asked the hard-hitting questions much less often.

And honestly? Everyone is pretty sick of it. Since my last post, there have been tons more sassy and flawless responses to sexist questions, and they will make you feel better about humanity and the world we live in. It’s time to #AskHerMore and do things differently. Here are 26 perfect times stars shut down sexist questions:

1. When Amy Schumer had the best, and most honest, response to the “who are you wearing?” question at the 2016 Emmys:

amy schumer


2. When Taylor Swift pointed out this unfair double standard when asked why her music is about her exes: 

taylor1 taylor2

taylor3 taylor4


3. When Jennifer Lawrence got sassy and made the question about her dress seem just as ridiculous as it was:



4. When Tom Hardy got blunt, but kept it simple, when a reporter asked him something insanely sexist:



5. When Tina and Amy used their role as Golden Globes hosts to point out something like this:




6. When Cosmopolitan asked Mark Ruffalo the questions that female celebrities usually get asked, and he proved their point on how dumb it is:


7. When Melissa McCarthy used her spot on The Ellen Show to call out a sexist reporter:



8. When Emma Stone straight up told it like it is during a press conference:



9. That time Scarlett Johansson got more than a little annoyed when she was asked about the underwear she wore while filming:


10. When Anne Hathaway expertly handled Matt Lauer creepily bringing up her wardrobe malfunction:


11. When Ariana Grande was asked to choose between her makeup and her cell phone during a radio interview and told them off:




12. When Lena Dunham was asked a badly worded, rude question about her nudity on Girls


She said, it’s “a realistic expression of what it’s like to be alive. But I totally get it. If you’re not into me, that’s your problem and you’re going to have to work that out with professionals.”


13. That time at a press conference when Ryan Reynolds reacted to the idea that it was surprising that women would like superhero movies. 


He said, “Women love f*cking superhero movies! Clearly they go to these movies. It’s sort of funny that studios are sort of the last to know that… I think the action and the humour is what appeals to women, you know, the same thing.”


14. When Rowan Blanchard reminded us of how badass she is when she responded to a red carpet question about her dieting: 


She said, “Try and reverse that. ‘Do you have any dieting tips for other teenage boys? I mean, come on.” 


15. When Daniel Radcliffe was told it was weird to sexualize him since he had grown up in front of the camera, and he pointed out this gem:



16. The moment Jennifer Aniston finally responded to the constant rumors about her private life and pregnancy decisions:


She told Allure, “I don’t like [the pressure] that people put on me, on women, that you’ve failed yourself as a female because you haven’t procreated. I don’t think it’s fair.”


17. This old interview where Helen Mirren got PISSED about being referred to as a less serious actress because of her breast size:


18. When Uzo Aduba, Natasha Lyonne, and Samira Wiley were asked the MOST absurdly sexist interviews that almost sounded fake by calling them out as misogynistic:


19. The moment Serena Williams expertly shut this down:



20. When Melissa McCarthy addressed the sexism about Ghostbusters:


21. When Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer fired back after Playboy asked why they’re “sneakily” feminist:

broad city

Abbi said, “We’re both totally up-front and proud feminists. We’re not being all secretive about it. I feel we’re pretty blatant in our approach.” Ilana added, “I think it’s kind of crazy that we’re still calling comedians ‘female comedians.’ That seems more like a sneak attack. Abbi said, “I mean, sure, if you play the episodes of Broad City backward, there are hidden messages.” And Ilana finished, “Diiiie, men.’ If you play any Broad City episode backward, that’s all we’re saying.”


22. The time Kristen Bell reminded a reporter that you don’t need a Prince Charming:



23. When Amy Poehler pointed this out to a male reporter:

amy1 amy2

amy3 amy4


24. When Fifth Harmony acted flawless, as usual, after this weird question about Jennifer Lopez being too old for her new music video: 



25. When Charlize Theron was like, “Uh, women get angry?” 

charlize1 charlize2


26. And when Ariana Grande reminded us of why she’s so amazing:



Which one of these responses is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Share in the comments!

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