17 Funny #IReallyLikeYouBut Tweets Everyone With A Crush Will Relate To

As Kylie Jenner once said, 2016 is the year of realizing things. You may have realized that you have bad college habits, or that you’re actually damaging your hair every day. Or maybe, just maybe, you realized that your crush is actually pretty dumb. Not that the person is dumb, but the act of crushing on them is dumb. Sure, you might have thought that boy in your English class was cute, but who are we kidding, he is NOT Harry Styles, so is it even worth it to try and date him? The answer is no.

I know we can’t all be #Blessed enough to date famous members of boy bands, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for someone who you’re not really into. As I was scrolling through Twitter instead of getting out of bed this morning (which we ALL do, just admit it), I came across a pretty relatable trending hashtag: #IReallyLikeYouBut. Of course, the response has been a mix of real, honest tweets, such as:

and the “joking but also not joking” tweets:

Whether you are currently questioning your crush or your devotion to your crush, or you’re waiting for a One Direction member to notice you (@Harry_Styles PLEASE!), check out these #Realtable tweets about crushin’ on someone who you are too good for. 




2. Me, TBH.


3. Where is the lie?


4. Can’t date a non-dog lover, obviously.


5. *Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld plays in the background*


6. I love a good Twilight reference.


7. I mean, if we’re being honest…


8. Yes, girl.


9. The internet loves pizza, right?


10. Guys, does anyone still play Pokemon go?


11: 🙁


12. What is this, 2007?!




14. Grammar is important, guys.


15. Again, with the pizza?


16. REAL.


17. One day, Harry Styles might notice you. Keep your hopes up.

Do you relate to any of these #IReallyLikeYouBut tweets? Tell us in the comments!

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